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all of mine are welcome, but they don't all sleep with me. Pixel does some, & Java, but Cable almost never does, & Chip only comes in the mornings, for some lovin'
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John & I let Harley & Davidson sleep with us... when they want to
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Originally Posted by lisasha3 View Post
Ahhhhhh - sleeping alone.....those were the days......
How many of you remember this? My beautiful portrait I drew. This is how I sleep every night, except now add one more cat that likes to burrow

Getting into my bed seems to be a game every night - the game is called - "Does the human body really bend that way?" I usually end my night finishing up e-mail at the computer, then I slowly turn my chair around to see what type of game we'll have for that evening. Of course for all the "non" cat people out there - just push them off right? Nope - I try to slip in like a worm and not disturb any of them. We all know who rules my house. (Good thing I'm not married - there's no room )
Boy do I ever know that feeling. Tavia sleeps between my feet or on top of me and Macy my sisters boxer sleeps beside me and stretches the length or the width of the bed depending which way she conks out. And Lilly sleeps as close as she can get to me under the covers and sometimes pushes against me with her feet. I have to wake up during the night to turn both hers and Macys feet away from my body. And when the outside dogs start barking at the coyotes, they are safe in the fence, then Macy stampedes over top of me and Tavia to bark too and Lilly follows and Tavia dashes off of me and sometimes leaves peel out marks.
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I'd rather sleep with TTP&B than Jerry! They don't snore as loudly as he does!
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Well when I lived in a room by myself in ahouse with roommates Hendrix would sleep on the bed all the time with me.

Now that Jeff and I sleep together in our own place she wants nothing to do with the bed.

Joplin sleeps on our pillow all the time! I dont mind it I think its cute but he tends to favor jeffs pillow more than mine.
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For the first 8+ years of his life, Jaffa was not allowed in the bedroom at night. It worked well but after Magpie died I had a terrible time trying to decide whether or not to let Jaffa sleep on the bed. He cried for a while every night when I shut him out on his own and it was heartbreaking to listen to. I let him in once or twice but he wouldn't settle and I couldn't sleep as I wasn't used to him being in the bedroom (and having to have the door open so that he could access his litter tray if need be). I didn't want to mess up his routine by letting him in then changing my mind and shutting him out again, so he stayed shut out until I got Mosi. As Mosi was used to having the run of the house where he came from, I decided not to shut him out at night so they both got to stay in the bedroom.

That was 6 months ago and I have to say it's taken me that long to get used to them being in the bedroom. Mosi woke me in the night to begin with but I also found it difficult to sleep with them in the room - and with the door open - even when they were being good and sleeping quietly. As Jaffa wasn't used to it, he didn't settle well to begin with, but now that he's chosen his favourite night time sleeping spots (not the same as daytime ones in the bedroom!) he settles down straight away. I had as little as 3 hours sleep a night for months and it was really affecting me at work as I was exhausted all the time. Now that Mosi sleeps through the night and Jaffa is more settled with his new routine, I'm glad I stuck with it.

To begin with Jaffa would sleep on the bed but at the moment he's sleeping in a new cat bed on the floor at the bottom of the bed. I think he'll be back on the bed when the weather turns cooler and the novelty of the cat bed wears off. Mosi sleeps on the floor to begin with but climbs into bed and cuddles up to me towards morning - I usually wake up with him snuggled up to me (and sometimes sandwiched between the 2 of them). I finally realised I wouldn't have it any other way when I accidentally shut them both out the other night. Mosi wouldn't settle so I put him in time out (works like magic) and Jaffa volunteered to keep him company. I intended to let them both back in after 10 minutes but unfortunately I fell asleep and the next thing I knew it was morning and there were no cats on the bed. It took me a while to realise why and it felt awful lying in bed with no furry people to cuddle and greet. I finally realised then that I'd gone from tolerating them in the bedroom to wanting them in the bedroom. It doesn't feel right not having them there now.
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Jamie will sometimes start the night in the spare bedroom, but is always in our bed come morning. When we first got him, DH was in favor of locking him out of the bedroom at night, but that lasted all of 24 hours (and I slept downstairs with the kitten the first night, as he was scared)!
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I don't let Trout in my bedroom at night..only because I have been having problem after problem with flies in my apartment, and I have to keep the door closed so that they don't get in my room...because of that, and a slight flea problem I may be having..Trout must stay out at night..Trust me, its hard to close the door on her sweet furry breaks my heart.
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well, my kitties are scared to death to sleep with me they never get on the bed at night. ...I kick, roll, steal the covers, and occassionally talk in my are allowed in my room at my house whenever they want and have access to my bed...but they choose not to sleep there when I'm in bed for their own safety lol. At Colin's house....Kenzie (my foster kitten) sleeps in her carrier at night with her heating pad (she's still tiny). Fosters, our dog isn't allowed on the bed..because he's as big as the bed and kicks us off (we tried for awhile lol) it's just me and Colin...and we bought Fosters a HUGE doggie bed and put it right by us at night so he can be close to us. (And yes,...I steal the covers from Colin and kick him too lol )
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Kitters is spoiled rotten. Me and DH don't mind her sleeping in the bed with us as she actually uses daddy as her bed. When she was a baby she would sleep tucked right up against me under the blankets.
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Both kitties like to sleep with me! Sometimes they even have kitty boxing matches in the middle of the night on top of me jockeying for the choice positions!
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All 4 come and go all night. Lucy loves me more than the others, and she will not tolerate another cat having the choice place near my head...but she allows them on the bed. In the morning, she is my alarm cat and wakes me up by licking me on the head. Ouch!
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My girls aren't allowed in the bedroom because of DH's allergies. He needs an allergy free zone and that is the best one I guess.

Growing up and till I got married my babies always slept on the bed with me.
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Lily sleeps with me. She doesnt like any of the other animals. The rest of them are never allowed in my room because she beats the crap out of them if they dare step foot in there.
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A more accurate question: How many cats do you let sleep with you?

We have the 3 boys in our room. Even sleeping on top of us sometimes
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Our cats sleep in the cat room and the dog sleeps on the floor next to the bed.
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