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Poo/pee problem

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Hi all,
Well first of all I have a male cat, just over one years old. Me and my partner have never had a problem with him before until the last 2-4 months.
I've read most of the threads about the peeing advice, and he's been to the vets, and there is no UTI or any medical condition.

So my kitty is poo-ing in corners in our living room, and urinating everywhere, on clothes, in corners, behind the sofa etc. We've tried putting vinigar/lemon on the spots where he has urinated but he just keeps going back to those spots.

Another point is that if we walk to where his litter tray is with him, he follows and goes to the toilet with no problem! he's almost like a child and wants us to hold his hand... and we've not had a change of environment during this period of time, it just suddenly started to happen.

He knows where his litter tray is, he's fine if we go with him... so is he bored? Stressed about something, if so, what?

If you're unsure or want to ask any more questions then please feel free,
Thanks for any advice
T x
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Hi and welcome to TCS!

You've found a great place for advice and support!

How old is your kitty? Is he an indoor only or indoor/outdoor kitty?

Primarily, I would advise that you invest in an enzymatic cleaner, such as Simple Solution (I swear by this stuff!) as it will eliminate all odour from the pee and poo spots. You do have to make sure that you completely soak the area so that it reaches the backing and all layers of the area.

Another good tip for keeping cats away from offending areas is to put foil over the area - many cats do not like the feel of this on their feet, so will avoid it.

You could always try Feliway too. You can get plug-ins that emit feline pheromone and create a sense of calm and familiarity - it also has properties that prevent marking.

I hope that helps a little!
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Is he urinating or spraying?

Have you or your partner changed jobs or been going somewhere new that you may have scents clinging to you that is a problem for your kit when you come home?

Have there been any other cats around your house, (inside, outside or in an adjoining unit that he may be picking up a scent from?

Have you tried any new cleaning products or laundry detergent?

Have you changed litter or has the ingredients in the litter you use changed?

Do you keep the litter box very clean? If so is there a chance the box has absorbed old odors that he may be reacting to?

I am just coming up with things to consider. Sometimes we can make a small change that doesn't seem significant, but it is to the cats.

I wish you well with finding out why and getting the problem to stop.

Good Luck!
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