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Keeping stool samples, please help

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I'm really scared. For the last few weeks, my kittens (well two of them the males, there about 6/7 months now) have had direrea. It furmed back up after a few days, but I've noticed a few times theres been a bit of blood with it. My mom keeps telling me there fine, and not to worry, but I've honestly freaked myself out so bad right now. I took a sample of it in a ziplock bagie, but I dont no where to store it until I get home form school tomorrow. I'll be brining it to the vet myself if my parents wont. I dont have a lot of money but hopefully enough to get it tested for what ever it needs testing on. So my question is, where do you store stool samples?
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It sounds like your kits probably have worms, so taking a stool sample in is a good idea. I commend you on trying to take care of your little ones!

I'm not really sure whether it should be stored in the fridge or not. I've read some say do that and someone else says that will destroy evidence and render the sample useless. I hope someone will chime in and clear this one up.

If your kittens have never been wormed then it's a good bet that's what it is, but if they've never been to a vet, they will surely want to seem them and give them a checkup and at the very least a rabies shot.

I hope you can get your parents on board to take your furbabies to the vet with you.

Good Luck and keep us posted!
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I would keep it in a cool, dry place, like a cupboard or under the sink - Just make sure the baggie is double or tripled wrapped (for the smell issue!).

Putting it in the fridge may kill whatever is in it!
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I just called my vets office and was told that keeping the fecal sample in the refrigerator would not kill anything pertinent to their findings. They also told me that any sample within a 12 hour period is fresh enough and after the 12 hours it's better if you toss tht one and get a fresh one if you can.

I recall being proud that I had gotten a fairly fresh sample when i took one of my new cats in for the basic check and vacs. I put the bag in my purse before leaving the house and darn near forgot to give it to the vet.

What a horrid thought of a forgotten surprise that would have been for me later.
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Thanks so much for the replys...Well I'll have to get a new sample, as this ones over 12 hours now. I'm gonna call the vet in the next few mins to find out prices

Thanks again

Edit* I have had them to the vet, the boys were fixed August 14th. Midnight got her shots as well.
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It's good of you to get the cats to the vet. Something definitely needs looking into but with medical treatment, they should be fine since you caught this early.

Empty yogurt containers or other small plastic containers with tight fitting tops are excellent places to store stool samples without mess or smell. I generally get mine just before going to the vet but if I had to, I'd keep them in the fridge.

Good luck and I hope that your cats are better very soon.
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Well I took the stool sample to the vet, the one from Lucky yesterday. The vet told me when I called that I only had to bring the stool sample, and if nothing is found in it to bring him to the vet. I didnt have enough money to bring samples from each, but I read that if they all have the same thing, its likely to be worms and since they've never been dewormed, I'm hoping thats all it is. They said I should get the resaults in about a week.
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I would put it in a freezer ziplock bag (is more heavy duty to keep odors in/out) and put it in the fridge. I've done it before. Maybe even put it in a paper bag too and label it!
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Originally Posted by SilverPhoenix69 View Post
They said I should get the resaults in about a week.

What are they checking for that it takes a week? It takes me 15-20 minutes to get a fecal exam done. Even if it is sent out to check for other parasites(giardia, etc.), the results come back next day.

Just curious.
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Honestly I dont no. I think its a week because its "not an emergency" or something like that. I didnt stay at the vet long enought to get a lot of answers, I dont have good memories there and I just wanted to leave. Hopefully its sooner then a week though.
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A week sounds odd to me, too. It's always been a "while you wait" type thing for me. How much did your vet charge? I've paid from between $13 adn $26 depending on the vet and where he was located.
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I payed $35 (CND) plus tax, though I was told that Toronto is one of the most expensive places for vet care, I'm sure I could have found a cheeper place, but thats where our cats go, so there already on record.

I'm gonna call today to see if its came in, the lady I talked to might have been wrong, or it could have came back early. I no that when Storm was in the vet, we got her tests back the next day, though it was bood work, and it was an emergency so it could have been different.
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