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My Furbabies

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Let me introduce my critters!

This is Monet. We think she's about a year old. My Boyfriend and I rescued her after we noticed her hanging around my workplace a lot. She was extremely clean and friendly but seemed to be living outside. I started getting worried when I saw her going up to people that were close to the road. He begged me to take her home, I really wanted to but I was worried that she had an owner.

We called all the pet rescue places and I left some notes around but decided we wouldn't take very long because I was so worried. I remember one night almost sick with concern over her. The next day I brought her home. That was about 3 months ago No one has ever tried to claim her. She's beautiful and calm and loves to make you feel good with her cuddles, that's why I called her Monet. She's my special girl.

And this little rascal is Haiku. We got her about a week after we got Monet to keep each other company while we weren't here. She's about four months old now. The reason I wanted to join this site is because of her. She's the biggest comedian I've ever seen and the HUGEST baby! She sleeps right on my pillow every night. I just love her to absolute pieces.

I'm looking forward to telling you about my babies and getting to know your own through your pictures and stories.
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Very cute kitties! Welcome to TCS. We love funny stories and lots of pics here. I look forward to hearing about your little comedian.
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They are very pretty and I love black cats and tabbys oh who am I kidding I love all cats but I really do love black cats
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Welcome!!! Both of your babies are cute,and thanks for the pics.
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Thanks! I really like all your banners, I'm going to see if my boyfriend can make me one.
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Aren't they gorgeous!!! Look forward to seeing some more pictures of your babies
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