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Who Loves Popcorn?

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Right now I'm eating some popcorn, and I was wondering who else on here loves popcorn as much as me! I love my popcorn really buttery with a pinch of salt! How do you like your popcorn??
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I love popcorn and kettle corn that you can buy already made at the store (it's sweet and salty. ) Cheddar popcorn is my favorite.
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I am addicted to this salt & vinegar flavoured stuff my BF brought home
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
I am addicted to this salt & vinegar flavoured stuff my BF brought home
I've never tried that! Is it storebought?
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I adore air popped pop corn, one of my favorite snacks!
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I voted other. I'm not really a big fan of popcorn. I do like kettle corn, thats about it. I hate the way popcorn sticks in your teeth!! lol
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
I've never tried that! Is it storebought?
Its microwave then has this packet of sauce you pour on - I am addicted although the popcorn stall in the mall has both S&V regular and low fat S&V so I guess its popular around here
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Ummm - I only ever eat popcorn at the movies. It's buttery and salty, and I have to have it, otherwise my movie going experience isn't complete.
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I like it buttered, salted, and cheesy not all at once but those are the preferences i have.

I hate sweet popcorn, thats the only thing we find at the stores here already prepared.
A friend from America sent me 2 huge bags of popcorn, one with white cheese and the other with orange they were so delicious the white cheese stuff ive never tasted before!

And when i go to the movies its a must that i have those salty buttered popcorn with a nice bottle of coke or pepsi
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When my best friend and I are hanging out, it's kettle corn .
Otherwise, I use my air popper and cover it with melted margerine and salt. Mmmmm! I like it when the kernels get saturated with butter and are all soft and gushy .
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Popcorn is a staple in my house and dinner a few times a month!! I like it cooked on the stove with just salt. We also have a popcorn machine in our movie room...but we never use it unless a kid is visiting!!! Oh and I love kettle CORN!!!!
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I like it with salt or the cheese kind you buy. Don't put kettle corn in front of me. I hate it!
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My alllllllllll time favorite was the Pop Secret Butter Toffee popcorn but they stopped making it

I even emailed the company when it started disappearing from the shelves... but they said it wasn't a big seller so they pulled it. Worst decision they ever could have made!

Last year I got a box from my mom for Christmas- there were only 2 packs left but she had been cleaning out their cabin and found a box in there so she gave it to me as a gift I was so excited to get 2 year old popcorn!!!
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If you like a recipe for homemade microwave popcorn, I've found that this is the best. In a brown paper bag put (the lunch kind) two tablespoons of melted butter. One third of a cup of popcorn, and some salt. Staple the top of the bag twice about two inches apart. Fold the top of the bag over twice, making about a two inch fold. Staple twice making them about two to three inches apart. Throw in the microwave for about two to three minutes. When the corn is popping about five seconds apart you are done! It's quick and easy, and you don't have the chemical stuff that is in regular microwave popcorn!
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I like popcorn with butter and then I sprinkle a little of the Hidden Valley Ranch powder on top. It's the stuff that you would buy to mix up your own dressing. It's yummy! I have been doing that for years, and recently one of the brands of microwave popcorn came out with a ranch flavor. It isn't the same though.
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Orville Reddenbacker's Pour Over Butter. YUMMM!!!!
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