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my kitten wants to get out(sorry long)

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ok here is the think i have 2 cats 1 year old female and her 4 month old son who we decided to keep she was not subposta be a outside cat but slowly she started sneeking out and forget cathing her well before i had a chance to fix her she got pregnat now she is pregnant again (getting fixed nov 7) she is due soon and she still sneeks out well now her son wants to explore the outdoors and i want to stop him before he ends up either dead or wont stay in or anything that can happen to him he is little too what can i do to stop this he is so bad he will cry and meow loud any time he knows you are outside even if mommy is not and will book it to any door he hears open he is a really quiet and layed back kitten normaly we didnt even think he had a vioce he sounds like a baby far away when he crys i dont know what to do help!!! he is getting fixed in nov as well
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Ok so wait, the female is pregnant again but she is getting spayed on nov 7th, is she pregnant by her own son? He is old enough to mate with her and will if given the chance. She can actually carry 2 litters at once so keep him away from her until he is neutered. Is there any way you can get him neutered sooner? That is an awfully long time to wait, as soon as your female has her babies she is able to get prego again and it is very unsafe already for her to have 2 litters so so close together. I am worried for her life and her unborn kittens. Can you spay her right now and end the pregnancy before it is too late?

But please please try to get the male in sooner to be neutered. Go to a different vet if you have to. It might cut back his desire to go outside, hers to when they are both altered. Please don't wait so long with the new babies on spaying and neutering them. It can be done at 8 weeks old so start saving now and hten charge an adoption fee to rehome them to make up for the cost.
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no he isnt the farther he is still little i will get him fixed 1st its not a big deal but i am sorry no i wont spay her now i thinks its wrong the vet will spay her for me even when the babies are little he said at least 2 weeks then she can come rite home and go back to her babies instead of trying to wait till she weans i am afraid ahe will get preg again i just want some addvice to stop max (he is the baby) from actting this way
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ok that's fine just be prepared because that is really dangerous for her to have two litters so close together, dangerous for her and her litter, especially if it has only been 3 months. Just be prepared for emergency trips to the vet. It may all go well too so you never know.

For the boy, I don't really know what you can do. It is hard to keep them in when they want out. Try to keep two doors between him and the outside and watch screens too because some cats will rip right thru the screen to get out. When he hits 4-5 months though he will be becoming sexually mature so his need to go out will increase. That is good he is being neutered in a month though.
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I told you not to worry and everything would work out the way it was intended and I am 10 minutes away to help you!!!
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