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Have you ever...

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Been in a car accident?
I was talking to my mom a few mins ago about the incident at the ER. She told me that this is the same ER that I went to when I had my car accident.
About 4 years ago I was in a BAD car accident. Broke 3 ribs, fractured my ankle and right wrist, dislocated my left knee and had a nasty concusion (sp?). I was taken by ambulance to the hospital. I don't remember any of it except seeing blurry white ceiling tiles. My mom said they were the RUDEST most incompetent people she's ever seen. They apparently tried to put an IV in my left hand and couldnt get it. They tried 9 times in the same spot and I started screaming because it hurt. I guess there is some sort of law that says one person can only try 3 times and then they have to get another nurse to try... this guy didn't. He told me to shut up and deal with it.. Again, this is what my mom says.. I don't remember anything until about 3 days after the accident. I only remember getting in the car to go get chips for a cook-out we were having and then waking up 3 days later at my mom's house in the bed with my then 4yr old watching TV. I thought to myself, "when did I decide to take a nap?" I yelled to my mom "Sorry, I'm leaving to get the chips and soda now" and tried to stand up, only to collapse in pain and wondering WTH happened. My mom came running down the hall and Helped me into bed. Telling me everything that happened. Thank god I didn't have my kids with me. I was run off the road by a drunk driver I swerved to keep from him hitting me and slammed into a concrete drain that is in a ditch 5 feet deep. The engine was literally touching my knees. Neighbors knew who I was since I grew up in the neighborhood. They went and got my parents. And the part that sucks, they never found the guy.

What about you guys?
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No accidents for me (knock on wood!)
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Wow, what a story. Im glad you were ok!
I've been in a couple accidents, I was only driving in one, but I was ok, just got burned by the air bag really bad on my right arm, there was fiberglass in the burn from the airbag. But that was it, I was lucky. My car was totaled though. They had to take me in an ambulance since no one was at the scene to take me home even though I could have literally walked home, and i remeber driving in the back of the ambulance, and looking out the window when we were stoppped at a light, I saw my moms car parked right next to us, and my mom and sis were so close. I started crying. They didnt know I was in an accident till they got home from that.
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Yep, back in April. I missed the turn off and ran into a deep ditch. Seat broke and I ended up with a lower back injury and several bruises and a massive hematoma on my right shin that later had to have surgery. Probably would have been worse if I hadn't had the seat belt on.

I've also been rear ended a couple of times by smaller cars that got worse damage than my van. (Slightly dented bumper.)
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
I ended up with a lower back injury
I too had a back injury from this... forgot about that... I had a bad back from when I was pregnant with my youngest son. I was about 105lbs when I got pregnant with him, gained 40lbs and it took a toll on my back. (He was a whopping baby for me) The car accident worsened it. There are days I can't stand up straight because of it. It also didn't help that my whole pregnancy I carried around my oldest son, who was 3. I literally had carried him to school just hours before I went into labor. They say there is no cartilage inbetween 3 of my discs...

Edit: I was in a car accident when I was 6 months pregnant with my youngest son. I had my oldest son in the car with me. I had just picked him up from daycare and was pulling out from the street when I turned into the first right lane a ford ranger came across 3 lanes and took the front end of my brand new dodge stratus. She hit me hard enough to push me into the front yard of my sons daycare. The police said if she was going 3 miles an hour faster, I would have been IN the daycare, which would have been my son's classroom. The car was less then 6 months old. Now that I think of it, that might have been the contributing factor to my bad back. Luckily, no one was hurt seriously. It totalled my car out because of the paint job on it was over the cost of the vehicle. Battery acid sat on the paint for too long before the insurance adjuster came out to examine it. If they had been out withen 2 days like the law says, it wouldn't have been totalled. I am still PO'd about that I was able to kick the door open to get out and got my son out. I was holding him in front if the car and he shakes his head and says "Welp, you broke it this time"... I half laughed and cried as the cops pulled up. They didn't take me to the ER or even call an EMT, even though I was pregnant.
This was the car before the accident...

I'll have to hunt for one afterwards... I thought I was over it but now that I see that car, yeap, I'm still PO'D...the girl was talking on a cell phone when she hit me. Make it a point to NOT talk on the phone and drive Or at least use hands-free.. It was her boyfriends truck. I drive a 5-speed now so it's impossible to drive and talk unless I have a headset or use speaker phone.
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not in a serious one. my cousin was driving and this girl ran a red light. thank god I was wearing a seat belt and was in the back. everyone was okay, though.
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I've been in 3 wrecks. I've been hit 2x both were the other persons fault. I was in a side swap once where it was partially my fault and partially the other persons....we both got a ticket lol (first time i drove in snow, first time i drove on the interstate, and the first time i was taking a new route to work lol...i don't suggest trying all 3 on the same day!) The last wreck I was in, an F150 rearended me (I was at not fault)...and it really screwed up my back/neck...I was in PT for a few months after that and on pain meds for about a month afterwards.
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Mine was yesterday night. noone was hurt thankfully! but my poor cars fender is banged up pretty bad. I think people have a thing with my front drivers side bumper and quarter panel. That's where I've been hit three times now. Twice in my car and once in Brads old Mustang. When I was learning to drive, I got hit by a drunk driver. He was so intoxicated that he actually fell back into his car after it went off the highway and into a ditch. Fortunately he hit the spare tire in the Jeep and it did minor damage to it even though he hit us doing 70mph. I was only going 55. Funny how none of these were my fault. Just people doing stupid things and not paying attention.
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Yes - my mum is a good driver but has the worst luck with accidents.

The first time I was with her something happened to a car in the next lane to us and the tire came off and his car just veered right into ours (luckily the passenger back door and while some damage no one was hurt).

The second time her brakes failed (a long story that ends in suing her mechanic as he lied about maintenance he did twice a year and charged her for stuff he didn't do). She very nearly missed a bus and hit a car in a driveway.

Then (I wasn't with her for these but I will go on anyway to show her bad luck) she was getting into another lane for a firetruck and some idiot pulled into oncoming traffic to get out of the way of another one and hit her. Then last year she was hit (quite badly) by a drunk driver trying to get away from the police car that was a bit behind him.

So since the first accidents she has taken a car maintenance course and pretty much decided driving isn't for her - her insurance company laughs that she does it for a new car each year
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I've been in three, none of them my fault (I don't drive -- that makes it easier to avoid being at fault in car accidents!) and none of them very bad.

The first one was while I was in high school: two friends and I were in my friend's mother's van and were driving home after taking pictures up north. It was Thanksgiving weekend and the traffic was really bad. My friend who was driving got distracted briefly, but long enough to rear-end the truck in front of him. (Since we were only going about 10 km at most because it was bumper-to-bumper traffic, there was no damage.)

The second happened when I was home from my first year of university, visiting my parents over the Christmas break. We piled about six people into one car and were driving in a blizzard up a hill towards my parents' house, trying to get home before the blizzard got worse, when the car in front of us started sliding backwards down the hill. (The roads were extremely bad because of the snow and ice, and there was zero visibility -- I don't think we even knew there was a car in front of us until it hit us!) The car slid back into us and we banged bumpers, but once again, everyone was driving so slowly that there was no damage and no injuries. Fortunately, a police car was right there (dealing with another accident) and the cop looked us over and said everything seemed fine, we might as well keep on going.

The third one happened when my boyfriend and I went out on our first date. We were just leaving the Chinese restaurant, pulling out of our parking spot on the side of the street, when another driver sped past us: he clipped the front end of our car, but ended up doing more damage to his own than to my boyfriend's car (not a lot of damage, though, just a dent and a cracked headlight). This was totally my boyfriend's fault (although, to be fair, he did check to see if another vehicle was coming -- I'm not sure why he didn't see the other car, except that it was night-time, the car was dark, and we weren't in a well-lit neighbourhood). The worst part was that the guy we hit -- who was very nice about it -- it was actually his birthday, and he was on his way to his party! My boyfriend felt like such a jerk.
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I've been been in too many car accidents, and not one of them was my fault. Fortunately, the worst injury I received was a gash in the head that required 8 stitches to close, and I consider myself very lucky.

In each case, the person that hit me was either impaired, under age 19, or was simply not paying attention.

That track record DOES frighten me when I'm out riding my motorcycle, but I think it also makes me MUCH more aware of those around me in cars when I'm vulnerable out there on just two wheels.
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Lets see.. a week after I got my liscense I rear ended a lady while going like 5mph (not enough room to stop), a year later a coworker backed into my car, a year after that a guy backed up at the gas pump and into the back of my car, another year after that a girl hit my car while I was parked and sitting in it at the college (and got mad when I insisted on an accident report because it was going to make her miss class) then Lee wrecked the same car, and a ton of near miss accidents. Luckily noone was hurt in any of the accidents I have ever had!!
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Ive only been in two.
The first one i was 14, my mother had been drinking and she went to drop off my friend home, we rear ended the people infront of us at a traffic light in Australia.
The second one was pretty bad, it was with my ex bf, it was pouring down with rain, frankfurt was a bit fludded, i wanted to go to the store to check something out, he said we should go home but i insisted that he should keep on driving as it was technically just up the road, we get to the traffic light and the woman does a full brake as soon as the light turned yellow, Ben swirved into the other lane but cars were coming so he swirved back in and smacked into her car, the front of our car was totalled, her bumper was scratched but her boot was crushed.
My neck had a slash from the seatbelt, and i had sore muscles for a few days
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I have been in three:

Two times I was driving, once not my fault...once my fault..and one time I was the passenger in a vehicle that rearended someone..

too many accidents for my liking!
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I've been in 1.
My car was in the garage for repairs so I was taking my Mums car to work one Sunday morning at 8am in November (2 years ago).
I was taking a back road which is kind of windy and shady. Part of the road was shaded by trees and I didn't realise it was icey. The rest of the road had melted because the sun had been on it.
When I was driving along I went over a rough bit of road and it knocked the car off track. I started to veer onto the wrong side of the road, the steering wasn't working because the tyres weren't gripping the road. I couldnt brake because there was a huge brick wall on my left and I didn't want to crash into it.
Next thing I was on the grass verge bumping along, then the car flipped over, I took my hands off the steering wheel and I don't remember anything else, or at least I try not to, until I woke up to see the windscreen inches away from my face.
I got out the car and screamed blue murder until 2 guys came screeching along the road and phoned an ambulance, and called my Mum.
No major injuries, cuts, burns, bruises, neck and back ache. The major damage was done emotionally for me. I still find it hard to talk about, although funnily enough writing about it just now feels quite good.
Not many people understand how it feels to walk out of something like that and I sometimes can't sleep because I feel like I'm spinning and falling through the bed.
Its getting easier though and it's given me a whole new outlook on life as its shown me how easily it can be snatched away.
I actually have a few photos of the car, just to remind myself, should I ever be ungrateful for anything
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Two, both rear enders, was driving for the first one, a passenger for the second.
Both times we were the ones that got rear ended.
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Twice. When I was 8 I was in a bus crash on my way home from school. It was really bad. The bus driver and 1 kid had to go to the hospital. The guy in the other car died. They couldnt even get into the school bus because it was so smashed up by the door. They finally managed to pry it open. The other time was just a fender bender when I was 5 or 6. I hurt my stumach by the seatbelt and had a nasty bruise.
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I was in the Truck with my Father and Brother coming home from my Grandmother's close to Christmas when somone came onto our side of the road. My Father avoided the accident but we hit the ditch hard and ended up halfway up a guide wire on a telephone pole.
Last year I was driving my new car for the first time. I had it less than 12 hours and ended up rearending somone on a busy road. No one was hurt but I had to get the bumper poped out where it was dented.
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