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im so sad

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My boyfriend and i have been going out for almost 2 years. After a month of seeing eachother we moved in together, I know i know it was fast, there were some other circumstances too that caused the move. Anyway we were happy for a while. The last couple months of been so mad all the time and frustrated, I was thinking about ending it but i was so confused cause i really do love him, but we both were not happy. I broke up with him just now, I knew I was going to be sad, but I am so much more depressed then i thought I'd be. And knowing he is hurting hurts me so much. Its a hard situation too, he is in film school, he just started, and he hardly has time to sleep. Now he will have to figure out what to do, i just feel so bad because I love him, hes my bestfriend and i dont want him to have no place to go. His family lives out of state and he just started this school and took out major loans.

Anyway I just feel so bad and sad right now, i keep wondering if i made a mistake, but i know and he knows that we should have never moved in together so soon, i told him we need to stop and take a break, he needs to focus on school and i need to focus on me, then we will see what happens with us.

Does it always feel like you made such a big mistake when you break up with someone? We didnt fight, just talked it out. I really hope he stays in my life as a friend.

God i hate this.
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It sounds like you did the right thing... maybe you could help him find a new roommie to make yourself feel better about it and help him out a little too.

The pain does go away eventually. Hugs to you both!
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I'm sorry to hear this. But things happen for a reason.
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you did the RIGHT thing. i promise you the pain will go away..but in the end you are NOT doing him any favors if you're not happy with him. if its not meant to be, the most loving thing you can do is set him free (and yourself too) so that you can both go find the one you're really meant to be with. and yes, it hurt, it ******* kills, even when you're fed up with them and sure you want out. if you've loved someone, it's hard to end it.

see your friends a lot...talk to them about it or not, as is your preference, but let them take you out and do stuff, even if you don't feel like it at first. You WILL start to feel better, and you'll feel stronger because you made the right decision even though it was hard.

good luck <3
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I've been in almost the exact same same situation as you are right now and the best thing we could have done was let each other go... mainly because instead of falling more in love with each other, we were staying together not out of love but out of habit! At the time I hurt like hell and I thought I'd never find another man that I loved so much but looking back now, I've got not one regret about how or why we ended our relationship!

7 years down the line, we still talk about everything even though we are countries apart, we still turn to each other in times of need, and best of all neither of us regret the decision we made! Why? Because we may have gone on and begun to resent the other for staying in the relationship just because it was habit and never actually taking the plunge and ending it!!

Well done sweetheart, you've made the right decision, even though right now, you don 't feel as if you have!
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Oh sweety, I feel for you. I just went through the same thing a couple of months ago. Now that the smoke has clear and I'm living on my own, I feel like I made the best decision I could have. You shouldn't have to wonder if its right to be with someone, you should just know.

If you listen, your heart will tell you exactly what you should do. I listened ad made the right decision, and I beleive you did too.

At the very least, you do need a break to figure things out. In a few months, if you really do love and miss him and you can honestly say you still love him, then you can make a final decision then.

Let me know if you ever need to talk..Like I said, I had the hardest time going through the same thing, and I'm here for you if you need to PM me.

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