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Car troubles AGAIN!?

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Lol, so I go up to Ann Arbor to spend a day to hang out with friends, go get a haircut, etc. and this morning I'm driving back to Ohio and a pull into one of those rest stops and put the car into park. All of a sudden white smoke starts billowing out from underneath my hood and my temp is steadily climing, climbing, climbing, hits 3/4 and I'm scrambling to turn the ignition off. Once the engine cuts out I hear a HISSSSSSSSSS, and I'm sitting there 70 miles away from home with a completely blank look on my face .

After about 10 min, the hissing dies down and I get draw up the nerve to peek under the hood. There was green coolant EVERYWHERE! The smell was sickening, was giving me a headache. I check the coolant level, empty. So I filler back up, crank the engine, seems okay, then HISSSSSS.... even more coolant everywhere...

Make a few phone calls, load up on some water thinking I might be able to limp the 70 miles home, so I slowly pull out, get onto the highway and it was going OK so far. Sped up, 30, 40, 45 and that temp needle was already past 3/4. By the time I find a safe spot to pull over the needle was hovering near red and I was leaving a nice slick trail of green stuff behind me.

Well... I limped my way another 4 miles into a small middle of nowhere town and pulled into the parking lot of a contruction company that built some really snazzy homes. Call a tow truck, and continue to poke around under the hood. I turned the engine on and revved the engine using the little throttle thing, and got the engine to juuust smoke slightly and found the leak. One of the coolant hoses had a nice tear in it... and it was dug in there that I'd have to pull out a whole mess of stuff to get to... great...

Well, I made it home, the tow truck guy was really nice and the bill wasn't too bad (a little over $200 for 70miles, and he had to come up to get me). Hopefully I didn't overheat the engine too bad... we'll see tomorrow morning when the sun comes up...
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Oh No! That sucks!
Hopefully it's just a hose and nothing major.
DH is a mechanic ( and roofer lol) so he looks everything over in our truck about once a week... we had to put a new serpentine belt in today
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Maybe your head gasket blew...

Car troubles is the second thing I hate most that happens to me..the first thing is a sick kitty...but car troubles is usually just as expensive.
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Wow, I really hope you didn't do damage to the engine!!!

Hehe, that happened to us before. My fiance and I, and his two friends (another couple) were on our way back from Chicago to Lafayette (about 2 hours or so..approximately 100+ miles) and we didn't even make it onto the highway before we noticed an issue with his hose. We tied a tube sock around it, thinking that we can get back. We made it abour 50 miles before things got bad (btw, we kept replacing the fluid). Come to find out, the thermostat was stuck closed, causing pressure to build up in the hoses. My brother had driven down from Gary, IN to take a look (we're all car dunces) and pulled out the thermostat, fixed the hose again, and off we went. Sure it was March in Indiana, but we had blankets to keep us warm.
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