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Appropriate Flea Medications?

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My new kitten is now about 10 weeks old. I've realized he's gotten fleas and am now panicking, not exactly knowing what to do becuz he's my first. He was sleeping on a white pillow earlier and I realized that there were those "coffee grain" flea droppings on it when he left from his spot. I was planning to buy some medication from Petco, but didn't know exactly which ones I could use for a young kitten, so I was wondering, which ones would you recommend? Thanks in advance. What ones could I find in a pet store that could almost be just effective as vet medications?
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Do not use any flea medications from the pet store. Got to your vet and get some advantage..that can be used on a young kitten I beleive..also they are based on weight at the vet so there's no chance for overdose.

Some of the ones at the pet store can actually harm to your kitty, please call your vet.
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Yes, please do not get flea meds from the pet store. With fleas come tapeworms only a vet will know the proper dose and medication to give a kitten. As Trouts mom said the pet store flea meds can be very dangerous !
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I will only repeat what has already been said. Do not use flea or any meds from the pet store. They have done more harm then good. Please get all meds from the vet only.
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Also you will need to completely vacumn every day for a week or so and take the bag outside or emty the vacumn outside after each time. One thing you can use a flea collar for is cut up inside the vacumn or the bag.l
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well i use frontline on all my cats..youngest 6 months..u can get it from your vets
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As the others have already said, do not use OTC flea medications on your kitty. Cats and Kittens have died from OTC medications (and it's a horrible death to die from poison).

Also, don't ever put a flea collar on you cats/kittens. The only good thing to use a flea collar for is also as mentioned above - cut it up and put the pieces in your vacuum and then after vacuuming, put the bag outside immediately.
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I dealt with fleas a couple weeks ago (not fun!).

1. Get flea meds from your vet: Frontline, Advantage, or Revolution are the primary brands.

2. Vacuum like crazy, especially about 48 hours after the cat gets its flea meds administered. This is the time frame of how long it takes for the flea meds to kill most of the fleas that have been on your cat.
When you vacuum, chop up a flea collar and put it in your vacuum bag or canister. The vibration from the vacuum helps encourage the fleas to come out of the carpet. The chopped up flea collar will make sure those fleas are dead.
You will need to move all the furniture in the area(s) the cat has been to get the carpet underneath. Also, vacuum whatever furniture the cat has been on (especially couches, arm chairs, etc).

3. Wash whatever cloth stuff the cat has been on in hot water. Besides carpet and furniture, they like to live in anything fabric.

Good luck; it's really a pain! Feel free to pm me if you need to. Also, you might want to search the forums for "fleas"; there's some good stuff that's already on the site.
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I buy Frontline plus.It's $33 for a 3 pack of it.I found it works REALLY good.
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I use Revolution. Gizmo has a lot of reactions to meds and she's had none to this product. Even an indoor cat can get heartworm here, it's epidemic especially with all the rain, and this keeps her safe from fleas that come in on any traveling people as well
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I'm pretty sure that I've been using Frontline (I'm currently out of it, or I'd check the packaging). Around here, some of the pet stores actually have the same stuff as the vets, but stick to those three brands that have been mentioned. With a kitten, I'd recommend going to the vet, as the instructions for all the flea meds I've seen are for much larger cats. If you want the stuff to kill fleas, you're expecting it to be toxic, right? It's a fine balance between toxic to fleas and toxic to cats, so be careful.

I've heard that sprinkling Borax (laundry detergent) over the carpet, then vaccuming is the way to go. I was lucky enough to be moving the next day the only time the darlings ever got fleas, so I didn't have to deal with that nastiness.
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Frontline, Avantage, or Revolution is the way to go.

I agree with vacuming. Also when I had a flea problem in my house, someone recommended that I sprinkle the carpet with salt. Wait 24 hours. They say salt will "dry out" the fleas. I did it, and well they did go away. However, everyone got a flea treament as well. So who knows!
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Another absolutely amazing thing to try is Capstar, which is a pill that you get from your vet that kills all the fleas within 3 hours. I was having an awful flea problem and the vet recommended usuing a combination of Capstar and Advantage.. the combination worked great and I haven't seen a flea since.
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