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anyone know what these are called?

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i've seen these pre paid cell phones on TV but i dont remember what they call em
do you know what they are called and where to get em?

my DD has a 20yr old car, and she is losing her cell phone soon

i hate her driving around in that hunk o junk, esp without a way to reach anyone if she gets stuck (she has AAA)

i'd like to get her a cell phone she can use for emergencies, but can't spend a lot

are these things any good?

i know almost nothing about cell phones and would appreciate any info you've got
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I use Tracfone, which is a pre-paid, no committment type of deal. I think I paid about $20 for my phone, and have to refill the minutes every 3 months to keep the phone active. But if she doesn't use it much, you can get just 60 minute cards for about $20 as well. So it is very affordable. I believe it uses the Cingular network, so the coverage is good too.
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I think there are about 100 different pre-paid phone systems out there. I think most of the main cell providers offer them. You can get them from Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc. They are not as economical as standard service, but don't require contracts or credit checks. I think the phone itself cost anywhere from about $50-$100 (more expensive because there are no contracts) then cards load the # of minutes as you need them. If it is for emergency use only, you could probably go with a contract service with only 100 minutes a month or so and likely get a free phone. That option would actually be cheaper if your DD could be trusted to stay within her minutes.
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i use the net10 phone plan it works the same as the post above. I find it a lot better than all the pre paid phone plans out there.
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Oh they're just called prepaid phones. Lots of places carry them, I know Rite-Aid pharmacy has them, Sears has them, so does Bestbuy, I think I've seen them at Walmart as well. They're everywhere. Most of them you get and you have to fill every 3 months or the phone "expires". The funny thing is, I think those prepaid phones get better reception and work better than fancy shmancy ones with expensive plans (like Nextel). My friend has a virgin mobile one, the actual phone model is a Kyocera.
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I use virgin mobile ... 20 bucks for the phone and I got a 100 minute plan for 15 bucks a month... they also have 18 cent s a minute on a card system
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I use Metro PCS as ONE of my phones (yes I have 2 )... Alot of your major carriers also have pre-paid phones now.
If you have Metro PCS in your area I would go with them. You pay like $50/month and you can talk ALL you want. No deposit, credit check, or anything. You just pay for the phone which mine was only $70.
My other cell phone is Verizon but I don't pay for it... my daddy does
We're on a family plan.
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I use the Tracfone. It is not very expensive and can be purchased at many drugstores or Wal Mart. You can get a sixty minute card for about $20. From time to time they offer specials for more time or more minutes. The unused minutes do roll over when it comes time to purchase another card and add minutes. I like mine alot.
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I just signed up for a Cingular Go phone. I pay $1 per day, only for the days that I use the phone and 10-cents per minute. I only reload, whenever I need to and minutes rollover. The phone was only $30 and I get a $10 startup. Since I rarely use my cellphone, this is a good deal for me.
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Another TracFone user here. It was a gift from sis because I, too, have an old vehicle.

Not for the overly chatty, but good enough when needed!
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