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I don't deserve my cats

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I'm a horrible kitty mom. I've been really stressed today about school work and I have had no patience with Kinah. She kept coming to me for attention and I kept pushing her away.
I finally gave in a little while ago and she ended up lying on my lap, on her back with her legs stretched out and her face nestled on my arm, eyes closed and purring.
What did I do to deserve that?
How do those cats put up with me??

I also just realized that I COMPLETELY forgot Joshua's birthday. It was on Sept 1 so I'm a whole month late by now.
I can't even stuff him full of treats to make it up, he doesn't really like treats. Maybe I'll just give him lots of extra back scratches. He always loves that.
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Awww! I'm sure your babies understand! They know their Meowmie loves them!
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Honey, somtimes I get so frustrated I push the cats away, they come back and I push them away. Somtimes I fell like i'm not giving them hardly any attention. I feel like a terrible mommie. When Sibohan wants me she meows like a bugger I can't ignore her when they need you they will let you know. If they don't care they go off and sleep somwhere. Is Sibohan wants my company and I'm on the computer for instance, she will climb onto the back of the chair and sleep on my neck. Not all that comfortable for me but it makes her happy.
Don't worry the kitties understand, and they still love you.
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Sometimes I get mad at Trout when she bites me..She is starting to bite alot, and although I love her, I really hate it when she bites so I push her away with a little bit of force so she knows its not okay..but always 5 seconds after I feel bad.
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