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Stumpy is so clever

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She LOVES playing with the laser pointer, and knows the "sound" of the pointer!!

The sound is purely the tiny click when I push the button down or release it, but that's all she needs! I've been trying to play with Smudge without Stumpy barrelling her over but I started noticing she would come running, even if she was nowhere near us.

Then Stumpy was sitting nearby and I was watching her, and as soon as I pressed the button, her ears swivelled, and she looked around with big, wide eyes. It clicked again as I turned it off, and she came racing over sniffing everywhere looking for the dot

Clever girl
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Ohhh - that is too funny - mine too! I have my laser in a cabinet that makes a noise when I open it, a click noise. All I have to do is open the cabinet and "poof" - 5 cats out of nowhere ready to go nuts!
It's so funny! (and who said cat's aren't clever! )
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Mooch and Noodles are the same way! They know the sound of the case being moved! If I move just the key ring on it they come from wherever. Smart kitties!
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Nephew's cat goes crazy when he get's his laser level out. It makes this clicking noise and here comes the cat!
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That is toooo cute!!! Our dog (collie/aussie mix) Fosters does the same thing!!! He loves the laser pointer more than any cat i've ever seen...which is crazy!! He gets soo excited that he forgets he's as huge as an ox and knocks everything over in the house to get to that little red bug lol....he knows the "click" too! Your stumpy sounds soo sweet!
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Very clever kitty but a girl has to have more than beauty and she has that in spades
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