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does anyone use dentabits?..ive tried brushing my cats teeth but they hate it so i thought id try these..anyone tried these or anything like them?
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I used Dentabits for a few years on my cats and they (IMO) did absolutely nothing! Both Tibby and Molly ended up having to have dentals and extractions at 2.5 years old

Although brushing may be difficult at first, it really is well worth persisting! It is simply the best thing you can do to maintain their dental health.

If you buy some Logic toothpaste from your vet, you can use it on a toothbrush to brush their teeth, OR you can smear it onto their paw for them to lick off!
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I've used dentabits but Jaffa just swallowed them whole, so not much use there! I agree it's worth persisting with brushing the teeth - it's a lot easier than I'd imagined. I also use logic gel and my 2 love the taste of it so are happy to lick it out of the tube. I try to brush with it sometimes, but it is supposed to work if they just lick it as it contains enzymes which supposedly break down the bacteria that cause plaque, so even if you can't manage the brushing it would be worth giving it a go.
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Where do you buy Logic Gel? Thanks!
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Yup, I agree - I bought Logic gel and it works GREAT. I just wish it were more available here in the US!
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so even if they just eat it its better than nothing..i could maybe try putting abit on my finger and rubbing it along the teeth and gums..as i said ive tried brushing..
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