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My cat is a 16 year old female. Today, for the first time, I noticed she has a "palsied shake" in her head with a fairly regular twitching to one side. This appears to happen only in her head and she's experienced no other unusual symptoms or recent behavioral abnormalities. She has a good health history.

Is this symptom analagous with ear mites or a similar issue or could it be a neurological problem? I plan on taking her to the vet on Monday but some insight in the interim would be appreciated from anyone who knew. Thanks.
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It could be either one. Ear mites are usually consistant with scratching, head shaking and a dark brown wax in the ear. At her age it's a good idea for a check over though. It could be just about anything. I have heard of a few cats that had mild strokes and showed some symptoms like this. I would like to hear what the vet sais. Please give us an update this week.
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Well, it's been almost a week and I haven't seen any additional exhibition of the twitch I previously noted. There is no evidence of mites in her ears or another parasite. Her energy level is high and she continues to be very active, making high jumps with no apparent physical disability.

She was into the vet about 4 months ago and, given that travelling there is a traumatic experience (for both of us) and the apparent vanishment of symptoms, I decided to just follow up with a phone consultation. The doctor advised me to continue observing and - if it recurred - to bring her in but, for as of now, not to be too concerned.

Thanks for all the help and advise, I'm glad to find out it is probably just an isolated instance of erratic behavior.
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I'm glad to hear that she's doing fine. Let us know if there's anything new.
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