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pooing in wrong place

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i have a cat that had kitens 11 weeks ago,she has stopped nursing them.she was spayed 2 weeks ago,since then she persistently poos behind our waste bin,also pees on the chairs in the lounge even though she has free access to a litter box and outside.this has only happened since she was spayed.i cant be having this,she is consequently banned from the lounge.(where the kits are)the kits on the other hand use the litter box and have no toilet problems.i just want to knopw what is going on in her head? we let the kits have the run of the house during the day,so she dose get to see them,she bites thier necks playfully but will not let them nurse.please help.
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If it is time for her to stop nursing the kitties and let them go, so she is perhaps even stressed by them, they still being around.

btw. biting in the neck is a dominance-thing.

Try with feliway?

Is her litter same as the kittens or do she have her own? If same, see to she has one own too.
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85% of the time when a cat pees or poops outside of the box it is a medical problem. The first thing that must be done is get the kitty to the vet. She could have picked up a virus while at the vet being spayed. If you've got any way to bring a urine and/or fecal sample with you, even better.

Also, in order to prevent kitty from continuing to go outside the box, the places where kitty has gone to the bathroom need to be completely cleaned - from the cat's perspective, not a people perspective. Any bleach or ammonia based cleaner will NOT work. You must use an enzyme based cleaner. Here in the States a product called Nature's Miracle is sold in most pet stores (and at most vets). I don't know what equivalent products in the UK would be or where you would purchase them.

When you use the enzyme-based cleaner, if done properly, it will likely take up to a few days to dry. Cover whatever it is with aluminum foil. If a carpet, you can use medical tape to tape it down without any sticky residue.
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How many litterboxes do you have? You should have a few at least.

I would get some Feliway and have your cat tested for a UTI. Sounds like a medical thing, not behavioral. But you never know if you only have on or two boxes for a cat and all her kittens. You should have several boxes.
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