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Sophie is sick  

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My 17y/o Sophie is sick, and I don't know what's wrong with her. I've got her at the vet's right now; he's going to blood & urine labs on her & let me know tonight what he finds out.
Sophie was diagnosed with hyper-thyroid several years ago, but has been stable since she's been on meds for it. The last few days she's refused to go near the litterbox, and just "went" wherever she happened to be. I thought her arthritis was bothering her so didn't really worry about it too much, intending to get a heated pad for her. Her fluid intake seemed to be increased, but I assumed that was part of her hyper-t. She stopped eating yesterday morning, but she's gone a day or 2 without eating before. (I don't know why, she just stops eating)
When I got up this morning she was lying in the kitchen in a puddle of urine. I cleaned her, fed the rest of the cats, and she didn't budge at all. She finally got up & went to the water dish, but just staggered away from it. I got on the phone immediately; luckily, our vet is having a special adoption day and was going to be in anyway. He said she was severely dehydrated, which absolutely stunned me. She's been drinking like crazy the last few days. She also appears to be constipated ( a result of the dehydration). If he had to make a guess at this point, it could be diabetes, but he won't know until the labs come back. It could just be the dehydration, which he said would also cause the weakness in her hind legs (the staggering this morning and not getting into the litter box)
He checked her over a few months ago and said her kidneys and heart were in amazingly good shape for her age. (of course, when she refused to drink today my first thought was kidney failure!)
I feel like the world's worst cat-mom; how could she get so dehydrated without me noticing?
Please say a prayer for my baby girl.
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Im sending vibes and prayers for your sweet Sophie. If she was drinking plenty of fluids, there was no way for you to know. Dont beat yourself up, sweety. Shes at the vet now. Please keep us posted.
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Aww, poor Sophie.

Sending lots off get well vibes to Sophie and calming vibes to you.
It is not your fault, cats can hide their illness and is often hard to detect until it gets to a certain point.
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I know there really wasn't any way for me to know what was going on with Sophie, but I feel so guilty! I told my DH yesterday something just wasn't right with her, and had planned on calling the vet tomorrow. I just can't understand how she could be so dehydrated when she was drinking so much
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I will keep my fingers crossed for her - the blood tests may show why she was drinking so much but be dehydrated.
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Sending healing vibes, please keep us posted. I think whatever it is, someone here has had experience with it, and can share what they've learned, and we will all be supportive.
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The vet just called with news about Sophie, and it isn't good. Apparently she has septicemia (a bacterial infection of the blood); her WBC should be 8-12K, instead it's at 42K. He has her on IV fluids & IV antibiotics; he doesn't know exactly where the infection started, and is going to take xrays tomorrow morning---if she makes it thru the night. He made a point of telling me that there wasn't anything I could have done to prevent this, that it's just something that, unfortunately, can happen. He said that Sophie is one sick little girl, and all we can do is take it a day at a time. He's going to call again in the morning after they've done more tests, and the xrays.
I knew she was sick, but I wasn't ready for this. Please, please send some of those cat-site vibes to my girl.
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Said a prayer for you all tonight . I hope you have good news in the morning.
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Sending lots of good/get well vibes to Sophie.
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Sending mega vibes your way for Sophie and you.
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Sending some big time healing vibes to Sophie! Get well soon so you can be back home with your family, Sophie!
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KittenKiya's Clan is sending get-well-quick licks and healing headbuts. It is not funny having to go through something like this. We are here for you.
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i will keep everything crossed for her today, and I do hope she can beat this. Hugs to you.
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My baby girl was put to sleep this morning. I can't talk about it right now.
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Originally Posted by libby74 View Post
My baby girl was put to sleep this morning. I can't talk about it right now.
Im so very very sorry. Rest in Peace Sophie.
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My condolences for the loss of your poor sweet Sophie.
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Oh my, sorry, sorry headbuts and sad, sad licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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I Am so very sorry to hear this, RIP little one.
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Out of the deepest respect for Sophie I will close this thread and link it to a new thread in the Bridge forum where we can all post our thoughts to a wonderful girl

RIP darling girl

here is the link to the thread in the bridge I have started for Sophie.
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