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Just got an SOS letter from The Bengal Cat Rescue

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It's about this beautiful Bengal Boy named Nathaniel.

Apparently his original owners originally agreed to hold on to him, until the people at the Rescue were able to find a home for t his boy. Now, they say they are going to have him put to sleep today. The rescue is urgently trying to find someone to either Foster him, or give him a new Furever home.

Nathaniel is here in Southern California. I wish I could help out, but apparently he doesn't like other cats.

My heart is just breaking for this boy, who is about to be put to sleep. He's so beautiful.
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Oh no!! I pray that he finds a home very soon. Poor guy.
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It does seem to be such a sin to put down such a wonderful cat. If only he didn't mind other cats I am sending {{{prayers and vibes}}} that Nathaniel finds a forever home in time - surely he can't have used up his time down here on earth.
I read about the other available Bengals as well; what was heartbreaking was the disabled man who has to rehome his cats because he's getting a service dog and won't have time for the cats I don't know why having a service dog would interfere with the cats' time, unless the owner is planning to replace the cats socially with the dog as well
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Are their bengal rescues in other states as I would love to take some in!!
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How could anyone possibly put such a beautiful boy to sleep?
Please...someone help Nathaniel.
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
Are their bengal rescues in other states as I would love to take some in!!

Visit this site :

There may very well be some bengal cats in need around your area.
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Nathaniel's plight angers me a great deal. His owners amputate his claws from all 4 paws, then decide he needs to be put down because he doesn't get along with other cats.
He has no defenses, he's probably scared to death of other cats.

The breeder they got him from should take him back and find him a loving home. IMO, his owners are irresponsible and cruel.
Too bad people like them can't be banned from ever having another pet.
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Just a little update:

Apparently the lady who is in charge of the rescue has found somewhere for Nathaniel to go, and he is out of danger of being put to sleep, for the time being. I hope and pray they find him a forever home where he will loved and cherished.
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Thank you for the update, HopeHacker Continuing to send {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} for Nathaniel to find his forever home! Maybe a writer or someone who works at home, so he won't be lonely.
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I feel like Nathaniel got a stay of execution.
I pray that the rescue does everything humanly possible to find Nathaniel a forever home.
It is heartbreaking to think that he is not the only kitty facing such a fate.

Thanks for letting us know Hope.
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I was hoping for good news! That was good enough for the moment. I pray that someone will come along and give Nathaniel a lovely home.
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Oh my, I was reading this and dreading reading on in case no one was able to help this wonderful little guy........I'll continue to send on good thoughts for him................Oh how I wish I could take them all in!
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