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Well, here's what is happening:
I just got my new kitty a week ago (she's a 7 month old female named Maddy). Her foster mother told me to keep her in one room for a week to get her used to the house, so I put her in a spacious spare room with all the things she needed. She was very affectionate.

Well, I've just let her into the rest of the house, and now all she does is run around. The second I make a move to pet her, she runs away! Is this something I should be concerned about? Will this behavior last? PLEASE HELP!!
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She'll be a bit unsettled until she's got used to the space. Don't approach her for petting while she is adjusting, wait until she comes to you for affection. I am sure she will do just that as soon as she's settled in. If she takes a long time to settle, you could try Feliway (happy cat pheremones) which will help her to feel comfortable.
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Does that sort of thing happen with all cats?
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Originally Posted by lunalore View Post
Does that sort of thing happen with all cats?
It depends on the cat's personality, some are bold and some are more nervous If you've only just let her have the run of the house, give her plenty of time to explore and get her own scent on things.
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okay thanks
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I think I'd confine her again for a few days and let her get to know you better. Sometimes having an entire house all of a sudden freaks them out. Be patient and gradual. Some cats take longer to adjust to things.

Lucky are those who's cats care less about where they are and are more confident in strange places; but those cats are not common! lol
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I would just leave her. As long as she is safe and out of trouble, she'll be fine
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If you're more comfortable with the idea, just let her out in the rest of the house while you're home and awake. Confine her when you're gone and while you're sleeping for a little while longer. Then, in a few days, let her have free reign of the house.

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My cat was the same way after given free run upon release from her "safe" room. I ignored her more or less and she was fine if she was in her safe zone (a cat bed on a window perch with her litter, food and water within easy reach).

I waited for her to make an overture...it was torture waiting cuz she's so cute, but I did it...and it didnt take long.

Some just get overwhelmed. Maybe increase it to one floor of the house and close off the others, do the adjustment in chunks instead of the whole place at once.
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Wickett is the biggest scardy cat I know. When I brought him home and let him out for the first time (in a 600sf apartment) he found a hiding spot and didn't move for a long time. He also ran if I approched him. Like others have said as long as she safe and out of trouble she'll adjust in time.
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Your kitty is still young. Young cats are a bit hyper and crazy sometimes. She will calm down and will come to you soon. Don't worry!
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