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What Breed is My Kitten?

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Hello All:

Cooper is 11 weeks old. We rescued her from a no kill shelter.
The shelter said she was just a gray kitten (no breed).

I've been looking on-line trying to figure out what my Cooper is....
she looks like a Russian Blue.

Any Russian Blue owners out there.....?!?

What do you think?
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New to this.... helps if I attach photo!
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Photo #2
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She is a beautiful kitten, regardless of what breed she is. She certainly does look like she has at least some Russian Blue blood in her, but without papers showing her exact lineage, you will probably never know. That's pretty much what all the breeders here have said to similar questions.

BTW, Welcome to the site.
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Cooper is a very playful kitten... who sneezes a lot
(took her to the vet, and he said she just has allergies)

she loves to bite fingers & toes... :vampireL:
Loves water, so we can't "punish" her with the spray bottle!

We taken away her "laser pointer time?!
"Timeout" doesn't seem to work with kittens!!!

How long will the biting continue?
(she's already drawn blood!)

First time kitten owner,
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Lizza, welcome to the wonderful world of owning a kitten! This is a great place to ask questions, and just share the cute and strange things the little furries do. They do steal your heart, don't they?

Here's a thread that had some really good suggestions for kitten owners with the same biting problem you are having. Try out some of these suggestions. The biggest key to training a cat is consistency. It may take a little time, but you can train her to stop biting.

Kitten Biting
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Hi and welcome. Kittens do like to play, don't they? Since Heidi gave you that link, I'll just tell you what a beautiful cat you have. I know you'll enjoy being a mommy! Join us often.
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Hi Leeza and welcome to TCS!!! It's a good place to be and I hope you will enjoy yourself here. Cooper is such a pretty kitten, in the second picture she looks long and thin. I'm not sure about this, but maybe she is also part Siamese. (They are a breed with a long thin body type.)
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I don't think it matters what breed she is, she's beautiful and you're going to love being her mommy. My Nikkie is 2 and still bites once in a while. He loves his mommy but once in a while after hugs and kisses and pets he will quickly nip my hand or arm. I've never gotten an impression of anger or aggression when he does it. When I say ouch and pull my arm away (he has some kind of fangs!!) he always looks a little startled as if he's saying I didn't mean to hurt you, I just love you. And he will rub his face on my arm and lick the place he bit. Needless to say he does draw blood and its time for soap and water. When he was little it often looked as though I'd been in a battle because he loved to play with my hands. He not only has big fangs but he's got the biggest claws I've ever seen on a cat. I keep them clipped but I refuse to have him declawed. I don't think its right. You don't remove a human childs nails because he scratchs something. He doesn't scratch anything else. But he's my baby and I love him to death so I can put up with a "love" bit ocassionally. However if it was a frequent occurance then it would be a problem. Enjoy your new "baby".
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Hi Lizza!

After looking at the photos I believe that Cooper looks very much like a Russian Blue so either mum or dad was a purebred perhaps. I have a purebred Russian Blue girl called Phoebe. Cooper certainly has the coat colour, body shape and eye colour of a purebred but her coat and face shape seem a bit different.

Anyhow, like everyone else has said she's beautiful anyway! Look forward to seeing and hearing more about her.

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Thank you... she is a beautiful kitty! (Proud mom)

See MORE photos of Cooper:

Cooper 12 weeks old

Cooper 14 weeks old

More photos in 2 weeks.....
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You have every right to be a proud mommy. She is just gorgeous. Love the new set of pics. I just love it when they clean their little faces and paws!
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Beautiful! What a happy, laid back cat!
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Looks like a tabby or Maine Coon to me. Russian Blues are solid color.A cute kitten, though! Catrock
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Originally posted by Cathy Roche
Looks like a tabby or Maine Coon to me. Russian Blues are solid color.A cute kitten, though! Catrock
Maine Coon = longhaired cat!

Cooper has very short hair...
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I'm a long way from being a cat "expert" (I just love them lots) but I don't understand. I've never had a Main Coon cat but I have friends who do and I've read and seen pictures. They are all long haired. As for Russian Blues being a solid color I went through and looked at all your wonderful pictures of Cooper and she certainly looks a solid color to me. I don't think she looks tabby either. But regardless of what breed she actually is she's beautiful and a natural at posing for pictures. I'm looking forward to the next batch.

Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie & Lady
(And Sammy too. He told me that just because this is a site for cats not dogs doesn't mean he shouldn't be mentioned because he takes care of them, keeps them safe and they NEED him. Don't look at me!!! Since the four of them haven't told him, I'm sure not going to tell him different.
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Cooper is so cute....just finished viewing the photo album. Awwwwww! Rocko could be Cooper's cousin or maybe her uncle <grin>...except Rocko's Tuxedo throws off the whole look-a-like concept. He, too was saved from a shelter.

Both Rocko and Cooper appear to have the same beautiful blue/gray coats and their eyes are the same color, too.

My vet dubbed Rocko a Domestic Short Hair....Others refer to him as a tuxedo kitty....what ever he is...he's still my little kitten.

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Rocko is very handsome!

Thank you for sharing!!

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No matter what he is Rocko is one georgeous "Mr. Cat". I'm sure he's a treasure to have around.

Mom to Jessie, Nikkie, Luckie, Lady & Sammy:tounge2:
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Sorry, Lheeza, I think I was looking at the wrong photo! Russian Blues are pretty cats and your cat looks like one. catrock
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:laughing: - Thank goodness!

I was scared we had a long haired Tabby, Maine Coon!

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Hi everyone,

I'm just new here on the boards but saw this post and thought I may add that your kitty looks a bit like a Korat. It is a little difficult to tell as I can't tell exactly what colour his eyes are. He does appear to have the beautiful blue/grey coat of a Russian Blue or a Korat. What colour are his eyes?

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Cooper's eyes are bright green......

See more photos:
Cooper 12 weeks

Cooper 14 weeks
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Oh my what a beautiful kitten!

Even after having looked at the whole album (I'm totally enthralled!) I still can't decide if Cooper is a Russian Blue or a Korat.

The Cat Fanciers Association has a page about both of these breeds, I've put the links in for you to have a look at and maybe it will shed some light.

Korat - Cat Fancier's Association

Russian Blue - Cat Fancier's Association

Best of luck, let us know what you think!
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