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Bridge of Flowers (pics)

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In addition to Yankee Candle, Aaron and I also visited the Bridge of Flowers. It is an old train bridge that has been turned into a walkway that is lined with flowers.

Here are a few pics:

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The town also has a waterfall with rocks at the bottom that have "glacial potholes" in them

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Those flowers are beautiful I love the peachy coloured ones
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Those are really beautiful flowers Karen! I'm jeleous - I want to go there!
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I'm ready to move ... Can you get me a map on how to get there? Very Beautiful pictures
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ooooohhhhh I just love flowers!!!!
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Ahh mums...they are my birth flower ya know. Beautiful photos you have there.
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It's beautiful. I love it all.
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Truly gorgeous Karen!!
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Beautiful - but I can just imagine myself "sneezing myself" across the bridge!
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That looks beautiful!!
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what gorgeous flowers!
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The Bridge of Flowers is such a creative idea.
Karen....your flower photos are gorgeous.
I love that waterfall.
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These pics are beautiful! I've never been to the bridge in the fall. We always go during the summer (which is also beautiful). Very nice pics! I loooovvveee taking pictures of flowers and trees and stuff like that.
As I mentioned in your other thread (on Yankee Candle) - you should hit Sugarloaf and Mikes Maze too next time! The view from Sugarloaf is beautiful in the fall and the maze is great fall fun.
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I wish I had seen it in the Summer! It must be gorgeous!
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