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Cute, but kind of sad

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I finally got around to playing with the video feature on one of the cameras, and poor Trace Tumblebrutus got to be my first video subject.

Being an amputee, Trace has the problem of being unable to scratch the right side of his face and neck. The "cat hair magnet" works just fine for him, and he uses it as a "self-serve face scratcher".....but it's not nearly as good as being able to get the human to do if for you

What makes it kind of sad is, while he's being scratched (with lots of gusto, just the way he likes it), if you look closely you can see the stub of his missing leg trying so hard to scratch....its kind of sad......

Click here to watch Trace-scratching
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Awww Trace is a very very beautiful white kitty His eyes are so sweet and kind ..... I can see why you would see sadness, but at least he has his Daddy there to take over what he cant do
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Aww that is sad but atleast he's well loved lots of kitties don't get the amount of love they deserve
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That is one beautiful cat, he looks as if he has the softest fur! He's lucky to have people like you who will scratch where he can't reach
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He's a beautiful kitty! I'm glad he found someone to love him as much as you do!
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Awww...Mike, as you know, we have Trixie with a missing back leg. That little stump gets going and I feel so bad...she always gets a good extra scratching like you were giving Trace, she has the same look on her face that he did.

We also have that scratcher...works great!
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