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Miss Moofs in a fight -vibes needed

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So at 7am this morning, we were woken to a serious cat-fight. Only 2 of my cats go out at night, but sleep in my conservatory until about 6am or so when then go out.
We ran down, got the door open, we heard cats growling. Pepsi came in and Moofi followed, blood was dripping from her eye

She wouldnt let me near here to check it but what I could see, I didnt much like the look of..............she then ran back shes hidden in my neighbours garden under a tree, way behind a load of other tress, we cant get at her

I can see her and that her eye is closed, it is weeping a little, but she has calmed down and is sleeping.

We check her every hour and she is more relaxed but wont come out, we have put some water near and hopefully we can coax her home tonight.

Obviously we will get her off to the vet PDQ.

I hate it and I am worried sick

VIBES needed to coax her home
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OH NO NOT that sweet little pink nosed girl!!!! I am sending healthy vibes to all of you, I hope you can get to her soon. Let us know!!!!
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Poor Miss Moofs! I hope she is ok. Please keep us posted.
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Aw sweet Miss Moofs -- come on home, darling, Mum wants to check that sore eye of yours and make it better. (No need to mention to her how that's going to happen...)
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Sending calming vibes out to Miss Moofsie-girl so she'll let meowmy help make her all better...poor beat-up Miss Moofs! Please keep us posted!!!
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Poor baby! I hope she calms down so you can check her and make sure she's ok.
I hate hearing cat fights. They sound like one or the other is being killed and it scares me.
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*sending lots of vibes that she comes out soon so you can get to the vet*
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Poor baby!! I hope she comes out soon.
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Can you tempt her with a can of tuna???
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thanks all...............shes still in the same place............tried to tempt her with food, but shes having one of it !

her eye is still closed and its slightly swollen, but it hasnt got any larger, so that a better sign. Dinos been in - I told him to go get her, but he just had a sleep near her - bless him !

its gone dark now, so I think I´ll be on night patrol, couldnt sleep anyway

more later, ta very again !
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OH NO!! Tell her to come home!! Nevermind tuna, give her a whole fish or something...Jeepers Moofs, come home you need help.
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Aww Miss Moofi get well soon, I am sending you many healthy vibes.
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Come home Miss Moffi so mommy can take you to the doctor!!

Lots of vibes coming your way!!
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So she finally came into the house at 2.30am...............we were all waiting in the lounge for her. She let me clean her eye up and then she settled on our bed. Oh she did have a quick wee & poo......
Anyway this am, she let me inspect a bit more, the innner eyelid was very swollen and red, her eye looked a bit cloudy
So got her into vets for 1st appointment. There is no scratch, but the eyeball is badly bruised. Vet thinks she must have clobbered it on the corner of a step or stone or something, this damaged a vein, hence the bleeding. She gave her an anti-inflam. injection and some eye-drops (for me to administer) I have to go back Wed am for more checks on the eye, as it is not functioning at the moment - due to the bruising.
So we are home and she is now resting on our bed - I pop in now and then to give her a stroke I can have a nap
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Poor Miss Moofi and poor you!

I'm so pleased that she finally decided to come home and get your loving help!

Sending many Health and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ her way and lots of and calming }}}VIBES{{{ to you!
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Glad she is home and getting the love and care she needs!
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Oh no, Moofs! Sending vibes... how are things looking today?
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Im so glad she came in and that you were able to get her to the vet. Poor Miss Moofi, sending lots of healing vibes for her and calming vibes for you
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Oh I'm so glad she came home I was worried about her!

More vibes going her way so she gets rest and heals up nicely!
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oh miss moofi...what are you doing worrying your meowmy like this! Tons of healing vibes coming your way!
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What a relief!! Good girl for coming home, Moofi! Now you listen to Mum and the nice doctor, and soon you'll be feeling fine. Lotsa }}}}}}}}}}}heal fast{{{{{{{{{{ vibes!
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
*sending lots of vibes that she comes out soon so you can get to the vet*
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well shes spent all day on the bed, I had to put the eye-drops in every 2 hrs, which I hate, it seems like I´m disturbing her, but she needs them

think she has got the kitty equivilent of a ´black - eye ´ its all sore & red around her eye, but she can open it a bit better - it´ll be a week or so, poor mite

took a bit of food for her ( about 2 tbsp) which she has eaten so we are pleased about that.

she´s on the bed for the duration I think . its knocked the stuffing out of her

thanks for all your vibes
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Was she fighting with another girl over a male???? I'm sure she is all worn out over this episode and the trip to the vet. Sending get well vibes to her{{{}}}
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Poor Moofs, I'm so sorry she got injured but am SO glad that she is on the road to recovery!
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Sorry to hear Miss Moofs was injured. How frightening that must have been for you- waiting for her to come in. Here's {{{healing}}} vibes for her eye. I hope she's feeling better soon.
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well the bruising in her eye is going down, but her pupil is still not working the membrane around the eyeball is also still swollen - we now have 3 sets of eyedrops

Atropina - painkillers
Acular - anti - inflam
Tobrex - antibiotics

so its all a bit stressfull but she is eating etc ok, so we are real pleased about that
she must be feeling a bit a bit better, cos this a.m she wants to go out and sits at the door staring at the handle, as if its gonna open for her - no way is she allowed out yet
3rd vets visit tomorrow, so fingers crossed her pupil starts to work a bit
thanks all
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I haven't been on TCS as much as usual, so I just saw this. Prayers for your sweet Miss Moofs!
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Sending out healthy eyeball vibes for Miss Moofs!!!

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