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Scabs on Adult cat

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I have a long haired adult male cat that has developed scabs on his skin. There is no sign of hair loss,no weird behavior,and his coat actually looks better than I've ever seen.
The first scab I noticed was on his back,a good couple inches from the neck. Probably a month or two ago. I figured it was a scratch from one of the kittens I have,who are now about 5-6 months old. I'm pretty sure that one healed completely and went away. Then couple weeks later he has a few more scabs. Now he's got then on his head. One of my kittens also seems to have a scab.
I still think they may be scratches,since they do play very rough.
But none of them are in scratch form,they kind of look like dry skin that chapped,could it possibly be ringworm?
I don't want to take him to the vet for them to tell me nothings wrong,I still owe my father for when I had to put down a cat a few months ago and my runt kitten has an eye infection.
So is this really something to worry about?
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Welcome to TCS!
I know nothing about ringworm to be able to advise you, but I'm sure someone will come along to offer some advice. Considering the time though, you may not get much in the way of responses till morning as this is not really the most active time for the board.

Can you take a picture of what you're talking about? That may assist in someone maybe having an idea of what is going on with your boy.

One thing I will say though is if you are concerned with your cats health it is often better to go to the vet to be told everything's ok than to not go and wish you had.

I know vet care is expensive and I try to take care of mine so as to avoid those expenses, but sometimes it's unavoidable.

Good luck with finding the problem and getting things cleared up quickly.
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