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What's your favorite...

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What's your favorite machine or activity to do at the gym????

I'm totally having a love affair with the Ellipticals at my gym...OMG I just love them!!!!
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I looooooooooooove the gym in general..I haven't missed a day since last Christmas

My favorites are the Stationary Bike, and Elliptical..I also love using the bosu ball
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I like the stationary bike. It is easy on my joints. I'm only 21...but I have arthritious in both knees as well as my back. I also have interpatela tendonidious in my knees. (I did every sport under the sun back in high school). I also LOVE the pool at my gym!!!! I swim all the time!!
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I swim 3 days a week. It's easy on my joints and my back (I have scoliosis ), if I have a sore knee I mainly do arm swimming, and vice versa. If I'm just plain tired, I just take it slow and easy and relax. It's also good for my lungs, without overdoing my joints.
I love to swim (I was on the swim team when I was a kid), and our local college has an indoor pool that the public can join . And one day a week I am taking my 2 yr old and she is learning to swim already- I'm getting a workout chasing her in her "floaty suit" around the pool !
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The Elliptical was my favorite for a full year....and it made my butt mucles HUGE and by assosication, my butt was HUGE! (But rock hard)

I like to swim laps. If not, then I just run around the indoor track we have at my gym.

My lovely fiance is president of the Dodgeball "society"at the gym, too, so maybe that would be fun?!
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If I were to go to a gym it would be swimming... as it is likely the only thing other than yoga pilates and walking I can do ... I may try this yoga /pilates class with a buddy ... I dont have a gym in town with a pool so I walk laps at the mall when I do some of my work visits ...
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When i used to go to the gym my favourite was rowing, i have got myself a machine at home.

I looked into joining a gym again yesterday, for ladies only, looked really good. But unfortunately it is also rather expensive i dont think i will be able to afford the joining fee and monthly payments.

Mmm...Christmas soon, maybe hubby will.....?
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I love the elliptical too (so much that I got one for at home)
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I haven't really tried much at the gym yet besides the ellipticals except for lifting weights, but I would love to join a step aerobics and I'd like to train for a triathlon, so I'd better check out the bikes and brush up on my swimming (it's been a while).
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About a month ago (actually, maybe more at this point) we bought an elliptical machine for our house...I love it, I use it pretty much on a daily basis.
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