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kitten has blood from anus, please HELP

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Please help...
I just adopted a kitten, 4 month old male, from the HUmane Society, one week ago.

On Saturday I had the vet come to my house and check him out, because he had this yellowy-brown STINKY discharge coming from his anus. He kept on licking himself back there. It smelled to high heaven! I learned it was anal sacs, YET, the Vet told me he was just fine. She checked his rear and said no problem with the sacs and also checked him for worms, gave him the oral shot of deworming meds.

"Hamtaro" also has gas. When he lets one rip you have to leave the room. This is coming from a 3 pound scrap of a kitten!

So then last night as he was giving me some lovin', I noticed he had blood all over his little rear! It was coming from his anus, NOT from peeing. I ran upstairs after cleaning him off and looked in the box. No poop; but beside the box, a GLOP of blood. I cleaned it up and (dont' gross out) smelled it, it did smell bad like the yellowy brown stuff, but it was BRIGHT red.

This kitten is the most loving, playful, happy little guy, explorative and sociable!!!! He right away took to my other 3 cats. I have two 9 year old girls and one 4 year old boy. The boy and Hamtaro are getting along like they can't live without each other (and it's only been a week).

My biggest concern is of course the spread of worms or diseases, etc., to my eldest cats. They all share two very large litter boxes, which I clean out twice a week.

If anyone has info on why my little Hammie is bleeding like this please let me know.

I talked to that same Vet; they said he needs to be taken and looked at. I'm just horrified because they have already looked at him darn it, and they said he was FINE.

Plus the cruddy part, I work until 5pm every night and NO VET is open after 5pm. No questions asked; if I try to leave today or any day my boss WILL kill me.


- darkeyedgirl
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Your kitten may have cocidia (not sure about the spelling). I have a new kitten and she also had bloody diahrea. I took her to the vet and they did some type of test on her feces and told me she had cocidia, which is apparently common to kittens. I think it's some type of intestinal parasite. My vet gave her a yellowish, liquid medicide that she had to take daily for two weeks. Now, she's as good as new. I don't think it's serious, but I do believe other cats can catch it.

I think a trip to the vet and your kitty will be fine! Good Luck.
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