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Is ANYONE ELSE Toilet Training Their Cats?

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Just thought it would be fun (and helpful!!) to compare notes.

I ordered the "Citikitty" kit about 3 weeks ago. No problems with cats using the litter box when it was placed on top of the toilet...no problem using the plastic Citikitty "basin" (a shallow plastic 'dish' that sit in the toilet, held in place by toilet lid closing over it), but they rebelled when I tried to switch to the Feline Pine flushable litter. When I was using Fresh Step in the Citikitty plastic basin, they were just fine. Back to the store for more Fresh Step...for now!
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While its possible for SOME cats to be trained, IMO that is few and far between. Most cats are used to litter pans or even outside cats choose a dirt pile to eliminate. Teaching them to use a toilet is unnatural.

You don't find too many success stories even if the companys claim you can teach any cat.

Litter pan is fine for me. Seems like an awful lot of work to do and the chances are very low of success. But if you want to try, who am I to stop you. Just don't be surprised or disappointed if your cat doesn't like it.
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We think that Pepper my be trying to train herself. She is obsessed with the toilet, and there is always urine on the back of my toilet and alond the floor. I am constantly having to clean my floors. We think she might not be getting her bottom down far enough. I have been considering trying one of the training tools to help her, and if she masters it, I think the others will follow suit. She hates having dirty paws, and being dirty in general. When she was a kitten, she got hit by a car and when she used the box, she would often fall in her mess, and would freak out until she was clean.
I am glad to know someone is having some success with it.
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GoldenKitty - you're right, it is a bit unnatural for cats... ...but I just think it's so much more sanitary for them. I work really long hours and they are home alone and I just wish that the box could be cleaner for them. I can't afford one of those self-cleaning litterboxes. I've been reading up on the subject and it seems like it's just a matter of convincing them to use the toilet and then it's SO much cleaner for them.

KrazyKat - I've read that you can go to the grocery and get a foil roasting pan to use as a training device, or a sitz bath, or a metal pan. Just ANYTHING that will sit securely in the toilet, that you can fill with litter for cats to use. Mine were fine until I switched the litter too soon. I'll try again next week.
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And of course cleaner and more convenient for ME, too!!
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Good luck
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