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What are Soft Claws?

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I have been reading about these but am not sure I know exactly what these are. Are they covers for your cats claws? If so do they really work? Jelly doesn't scratch a whole lot but it might be nice for interactions with my 5 year old son (who will eventually learn to leave the poor kitten alone!).
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They work AMAZINGLY. They are vinyl covers that are super glued onto the cats claw. They come off when the cat sheds its top layer of claw. At first the cat may figure out how to get them off or keep working at it, but when they realize they are superglued on they stop. Cats cannot scratch on anything with Soft Claws or Soft Paws depending on where you go to get them. They are way better then doing something inhumane like declawing.
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Sounds awesome. We weren't planning on declawing Jelly but it would be nice to limit the scratching. Now I shall sound like a retard but how often does the top layer shed so you have to reapply?
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I've been using them on Lilly and Corwin and sometimes there are days before I have to re-apply.Other times,I have to re-apply one a day.It depends on how often they scratch hard in the litter box and how often the glue works it's way loose.It would be compared to fake nails in women.
I personally will NOT go without them for my two!!!
you can go to www.thecatandkittenstore.com and it will explain how to put them on.They are really resonablely priced also.
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I just put them on my mean little girl cat who HATES he paws or anything but her head being touched and she already got one of them off. I had to pin her down basically. She screamed bloody murder while I was doing it. You would think I was hurting her. Probably hurt her pride a bit hehe. She loves to ruin my kitchen chairs. They are beyond destroyed but I figured now is as good a time as ever. I should have done it sooner.
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I should have done it sooner.
I agree with that.I should have done them sooner too!! Corwin is my destroyer of furniture.He has destroyed curtains too.I heard them talked about and never thought about using them myself.I thought they would be expensive,but they are SOOO inexpensive compared to replacing things.Plus, now I don't have to worry about them damaging anything else.I just check every day to make sure they both have them all on.I only do the front paws.
Corwin and Lilly acted like I was killing them too.They growled and hissed and cried.But,after realizing they were o.k. they went about like nothing ever happened.
I had my 16 year old DD hold them while I clipped their nails and put the soft claws on.
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I'll go check them out! Jelly has been making his mark known when jumping on the furniture lately. It's not bad but I would like to stop it now! I have yet to figure out why he feels the need to jump with claws out onto the sofa and love seat every single time (he does it even if he doesn't have far to jump). He's a silly boy.
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I just put them on Carl for the first time this weekend! We knew we didn't want to declaw him (inhumane and Carl is 3 yrs old), but we have a beautiful leather couch that I wanted to keep beautiful and we rent, so I didn't want him ripping at the carpets.

I got the small size from Petsmart, which were too small (if you want them PM me and I can send them to you). So I ordered some Mediums in Royal Blue and they shipped in 3 days. His toes are blue and now it doesn't hurt at all when he kneads me!

At first Carl tried to pull them off (succeeded in getting 1 off) but now he doesn't even notice them. It's like acrylic nails on people - when you first get them your fingers feel wierd, then you get used to them and don't even know they are there. The plastic is sturdy enough that he can't scratch anything enough to do any damage, he seems happy with them, and he can still grab things and scratch and play like he always has. I LOVE THEM!

One tip: Make sure when you put them on that you get them as close to the cuticle as possible (sliding them all the way on). That will keep them on longer and make it harder for them to chew them off. You kind of have to pinch the cap so that it opens wide before you slide them on. The first time I did it I couldn't get them on far enough.
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Hi! Welcome to TCS!!!

I use soft claws too on both my kitties! It's nothing that they enjoy getting done, but not very difficult to do (except my wiggle worm kitten that I have to wrap in a towel!). My 1yrold girl meows at me when I put them on, but she sits still like a good girl. You glue them on over there claws, but you need to clip their nails first, so get a good pair of kitty clippers (about$5). And it takes me about an hour to do my girl (a whole set) cause I like to let her run around in between, so it's not so traumatizing. The other tip, clip the nails 1st, then put the glue in one cap, wait 30 seconds for it to get tacky, then grab your kitty slip it on their nail and hold them for a few minutes so that they can't get it off right away. The pack I got for LuckyGirl I bought in April, and I still have 8 nail caps left.... they will shed 1 at a time every so often, so I just have to re-apply one nail, not a whole other set of 10. (now my kitten is another story, his nails are tiny so they come off easier cause they don't have alot of nail to hold onto, also he is much rougher at play)

They also help with rough play, scratching screens in your windows, gripping your leg for a safe landing, children who won't leave the kitten alone, kittens who feel the need to scale your leg like it's the empire state bldg and they are king kong....

PM me if you have any further ?'s, I'd be happy to help!!!
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I wish I can find shops that sell them too here :/
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I aqbsolutely LOVE soft claws!! My vets all love them when I bring the girls in. THe love that their "manicured" in different colors! The did tell me to be careful not to glue the cap to the cuticle because that can cause and infection. just make sure there is a little space between the nail cap and the cuticle and you shouldn't have any problems!!

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