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Help dealing with allergies to cats

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We've had our new kittens for about two months now, and it seems like my hubby is developing allergies to them. He's never lived with cats before so we did not know that this would happen. He is going to the docter this week for better allergy meds as he gets bad headaches from Claritin.

I'm trying to do what I can to help him with the allergies. I'm vacuuming more often and we bought another air purifier (already had one in the bedroom for my allergies) for the computer room which also has the kitten room and has all their stuff. We also got a better anti-allergen filter for the air ducts. I was also using anti-allergen Febreeze, which helps me, but I can't use it in the kitten/computer room because they tend to spray afterwards.

Today I finally got around to buying a slicker brush and I also picked up some cat bathing wipes. They didn't seem too bothered by either when I used them. How often should I be brushing them and wiping them down? I'd rather avoid baths if I could.

Is there anything else I can do? They're already on pretty good food. Chicken Soup dry and one meal of wet a day which is either Chicken Soup, Nutro, Felidae, or Innova.

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You need a vacuum with a HEPA filter, and you need to use it on a twice-weekly or more likely a daily basis. This will get the allergens off the floor, and you can use attachments to get them off the furniture.

Your husband can take an antihistamine as well if he is willing to do so.
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I have SEVERE cat allergies and live with my girls with minimal issues.

I bath them once a week and vacuume often. The baths is what is the clencher. I tried the wipes, they did NOTHING for my allergies.

I give them a good bath once a week with cat shampoo, being sure to pull at the hairs to get them to release. I also scrub them really well, to try to release loose dander.

They HATED this when they were kittens, Polly is fine with it now, she just sits there and makes half hearted attempts at escaping. I can even bath her in the kitchen sink now with the sprayer hose.

Roxie on the other hand is still a kitten, and fortunatly for her, I have been really lazy on giving baths the last few months. And she is a TERROR to bathe, only because she isn't used to it. So I have to bath her in a half full bathtub and clip her nails before hand. My allergies had gotten worse and worse over those "no bath" months and I finally broke down and gave them a bath last week. My asthma cleared up almost overnight. I just got done giving them another bath today.

I don't have any special air filters or filters for the return air duct. I do have an Oreck vacuum that has a heppa bag on it. But I am the worlds worst house keeper when it comes to vacuuming and dust (probly because I am allergic to dust) and i would just rather the dust sit therer than stir it up and sneeze all day. lol


Bathing my cats is key to keeping my asthma and nasal allergies at bay.

This advice came from a vet friend of mine that said she has saved many "cat/people marriages" by advising them to give their cat weekly, even semi weekly baths.

Good luck! It really sucks giving kittens baths. They are pitiful and they HATE it. But IT GETS BETTER, I PROMISE! and I would rather have 30 min of torture (for me) a week, than not have my babies.
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