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Kennel license?

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I've been informed by the County Auditor that I am over the limit of pets that I can have. Well, I knew that but when The Humane Society was in control of the licensing of pets they never really inforced the law. When the Auditor took over I checked the laws and sure enough I'm 3 over the limit of 6. Anywhoo I now have to apply for a Private Kennel License which will cost me $150.00 a year if I'm approved. I've alway gone by the rules and licensed all of my pets. Even the ones that never go outside because that's the law. Now this, oh well...my furkids are worth it.
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I'm not too crazy about setting limits on animals. I understand the concept behind it, but I've seen people with "beaucoup" cats that keep all the boxes clean, and the cats are happy and healthy, and I've seen only cats and dogs wallowing in filth, ignored , and just ill-tended. IMO, the authorities should consider the conditions on an individual basis.
But, it's not my call, so I am doing the best that I can- sending lots and lots of {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} that you get your kennel license, and quickly, so that you can have this worry off your mind. Bless you for going the distance for your beloved kitties
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Hopefully you can get your license and won't have to worry about it anymore.
I don't think we have a limit here............plus I live out in the boonies.
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I have a kennel license. I got it when I moved into this house and out of Stans. I moved from the county to the city where they had a limit. I wasnt leaving my babies so I got one.
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