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Need Advise!!!!

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I have 2 kittens she is about 6 months and he is 4-5. they love each other very much. and I am soo happy to have them with me. Having said that they have a problem. and I am very scared. This morning while getting ready for work my little boy jump on my lap after using the litter box and then into the sink he went. well I looked over and on the since there was a drop of bloody poop. I (ofcourse) started flipping out. Being that it is saturday and I can't take them to the vet until monday evening. Now some past history is that they have had fleas for months. Not bad I find one or 2 a week but I just can't seem to get rid of all of them. we are doing everything we can to stop the little bugs but I still find a few. neither are fixed yet (my vet won't fix them until they are 6 months and she just hasn't made it in yet). I don't get days off work so takening them in the morning is hard to accoplish. well the point is I was wondreing if there is maybe a reason there would be blood in their poop. they eat Felidae hard and AvoDerm wet (1/4 can a day each). I use titdy cat litter. if any one knows anything I would really apreaciate the help.
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oh yes the other thing is that my boy doesn't chew. he eats very fast and with hard food or kitty treats he just gulps them down.
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Since you said there are fleas, my guess would be tapeworms.
If he is otherwise acting ok, (eating, drinking, using the box), then waiting till Monday should be fine.

You should probably try to take a fecal sample in with you from both cats to be checked.
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yes I already planned that
I did treat them for tape worm about 2 weeks ago
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No one else can ease my wories???????
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I think your first step is the having the stool sample checked, and try to not to worry too much. I'd be more worried to be perfectly frank over your 6 month old female not yet being fixed. I have seen males this young begin trying to mate, and I have personal experience with an under 7 month old female getting pregnant. You don't want that experience.

Please try to get her fixed asap!
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I have been trying to apply for a credit card to get them both fixed. I don't want to bring unwanted kittens into this world. but things have gotten alittle rough lately and I am trying my hardest to work them out. I have to keep my place so they have a place to live and I am honestly trying my hardest to save the money and with in a month one or the other should be fixed. (or both if all works out as planned) The town I live in is over run with unwanted cats and I would hate for her to have to go though kittens. believe me I am trying my very hardest sometimes things just don't work out. I promise that I will get them fixed as soon as I save all the money or get the credit card. it is actually going to cost me about 150 to get her fixed at my vets office or 80 at the local farm vet. I am tempted to just get it down with the farm vet but I am more worried about him because he doesn't do well with small animals. You can be rough with a horse.... you can't with a kitten. (if you know what I mean). I have been watching and she has not gone into her first heat yet and he really doesn't seem all that interested in her yet. believe me I feel bad that they are not fixed.
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Originally Posted by JavannaLynn View Post
believe me I feel bad that they are not fixed.

Not trying to make you feel bad, just wanted to share my experience with just how young things can happen, so you would be aware, and can be extra careful. You honestly, by the time he is 5+ months, should keep them separate or, if it would cost less, get him altered first, as soon as your vet will do the procedure (but be aware he'll still be potent for a short time after being altered).

Best wishes to you, I do understand how difficult it can be when money is tight.
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I did get a vet bill shock today. expecting like 80 was 140. But thankfully it was only worms. Unfortanatly my Angel freaked out when the vet tried to give her a pill. she scratched me and my roomate and the vet up pretty good. so he had to give her a shot for the worms. and it took her until about 20 minutes ago to come near me again. but now she is sound asleep in my lap. I think she already feels better. they had to get their shots so that is why the bill was so much. but there are all good for a year. he should be getting fixed in 2 weeks if everything turns out.
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Ouch on the scratches and the bill...almost double is not a nice surprise.

Hope she feels better soon.
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well I am almost sure she loves me again I didn't even know what to say to the vet. she is the calm one. he took the pill like it was a cool new treat and she just freaked out. I think she had a long day. being stuffed (not really) in a box and then the car ride and a strange place. I think she was terified by the time he looked at her. He did say she is going to get a lump and feel crappy because of the worm shot. but it was that or worms. and I take the shot! I know she will feel better later and that is what matters to me.
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