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HELP! Stinky breath on kitten!

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I am writing because I have a 5 1/2 month old kitten Lexi whose breath is really bad. I thought it was because she was loosing her baby teeth, but now she has lost them all and her breath still smells. Its a really toxic sulfur type odor, not at all like normal kitty breath. Please help me, I dont have the cash right now to bring her to the vet, as I just lost my job, but I would like to know what could cause this. She is only a baby so it cant be peridontal disease already! She doesnt even have ANY tarter.
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I have noticed bad breath on my kitties when they have worms. You cannot use and over the counter worm medicine...they just aren't safe. But if you have a good relationship with your vet, they will usually let you bring in a poo sample to check for worms. It shouldn't cost too much, and the worm medication should be fairly reasonable, too.

At 5-1/2 months, has she gotten all her shots and been spayed yet?
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my two boys were rescue kitten and they both started to have really really really bad breath. Took them to the vet and they had a gum infection. Really red gums.

I gave them their medication for about 2 weeks and they have perfect gums now. No problem whatsoever since then
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Oh definatly. She has been spayed, all her shots. She never got a stool sample done. The vet asked for one but I never got around to it...eek. Their poop smells awful too, her and her littermate Jinx. I never thought about it, cause their bellies are not distended and they eat normally. God, I am a bad cat mom....-hides head-

Her brothers breat doesnt smell tho....oh well. I will call vet monday and ask to bring in stool sample.
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The fact that they are spayed and neutered means you are a good cat meowmie!

Festie had roundworms so bad once that she was vomitting them on the floor! And when I wormed her, she got diarrhea, and ended up afraid to use the litterbox, so she started pooping in the corners of the kids bedrooms! They loved that! LOL! I didnt win any prizes for best Meowmie or Mommy that month!

Don't worry about feeling bad...it may not even be worms. But definitely needs to be checked, then be sure to worm them all, ok?!?
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