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Zin and Anise

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I posted a few pictures of my two new kittens in the New Cat on the Block forum and now I have more so... here they are:

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Very cute. I love the last picture!
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Beautiful cats, which one is which?
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Very adorable pics I love how your kitty smiles when s/he's sleeping !
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Zin is the grey male and Anise is the black female. He's the gentle giant and she's the little trouble-maker. She climbs everywhere, be it furniture or people, and loves grooming my husband (head, toes, between the fingers). He's very ticklish so it's a lot of fun to watch.
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Ohh so cute...Do I see stripes on Zin???
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Awwwww! I love grey kitties and black ones!

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Cute pics! It looks as though they love each other- cuddleing together.
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What a pair of cherubs they are And how sweet is that picture of Anise grooming your husbands head
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