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The end of an era

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I have always been a big fan of the "US Highway days", like the fabled "Route 66", the old roadside attractions and such things.

This morning, on the way home, I saw a work crew taking down this sign. The old AM radio station that has transmitted tourist and visitor info and traffic conditions for over 50 years has gone off the air for good. The sign is being replaced with the "Call 511 on your cellphone" sign.....

I know that the "good old days" weren't always that good, roads were narrow and dangerous, only the nicest cars had air conditioning....but little bits of the old days were fun to have around

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Hey I still have one of my AM stations set to the road construction loops. I'd have to bypass my MP3 player to get to it but it's still there.
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That is sad - and bummer for the tourists. Don't the "powers that be" realize that eco-tourism is a renewable resource and can greatly benefit the local economy??
Like you, I'm a very big fan of highways. My father worked for Calif. Div. of Highways (now called CalTrans) so I grew up with a special appreciation of roadways. He ran the paving crew for Tioga Pass; worked on design, and then paving of Hwy. 58 and I-15. To this day, I LOVE to drive highways and byways - I'm dreadfully romantic about it. I try to pass that feeling onto my grandson - one of the best compliments of my life was when I asked my g-son how he liked his Christmas portable-DVD player that I gave him to use during the 6hr. drive back to his dad's (my dad, his great-grandpa drove him) and he replied, "Oh, Grandma, I was so busy seeing cool things that I didn't have time to watch a movie!" ---ahhh, my kind of kid
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i think it is terribly sad, evrything is going downhill.
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