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Carl's first pictures!

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Meet our new boy, Carl! He is a 3 year old rescue that we got last week. He is absolutely the sweetest guy in the world!


Sittin' Around

More pictures will be coming soon!
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He is a beauty

Yes please more piccies
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Wow, what a pretty boy!!
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He's very precious!
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Pretty! Pretty!!!
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Very handsome boy.
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Hey!!! I just wanted to welcome you to TCS and tell you that your little Carl is handsome!!! I love his sweet little eyes!!!! If you need anyone to help you around the threads (seems like you're doing a great job already! ) or anything else, i'd be happy to help! I can't wait to see some more picture of that handsome boy!!! Have a good one!!!
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Awww Carl is so handsome. Way to go to you for rescuing that sweet boy.
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WOW! What a handsome fella!
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Oh he is a handsome little man!
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So handsome!
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Hi handsome Carl! He's such a beautiful boy and bless you for rescuing him. I look forward to seeing more pictures of Carl!
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Oh Adrianne!!! (hey, no Rocky pun intended! ~sorry, I'm like 2 miles from the art museum steps, it's a Philly thing!) He IS SO hansome!!! He looks like a brown version of my Louie! (Louie is a silver tabby) They have the same jet black rings on their front paws!!! So cute! Congratulations on your new family! He is such a little poser no?!
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