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Hi, im mainly here to just brag about my cats. who isnt. I'd very much like to share the millions of photos i have of my three cats Buddah, Shiva, And Lucipher, hence my screen name . I am also hoping to gain some insight from this forum, including some pointers on kitty health. Hoping to see some pictures of everyone elses cats. here are a few of my favorites.

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and thats not all.....

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Well dont you have a beautiful family Welcome to TCS to all of you. Thank you for sharing your pics with us. Keep taking pics we always love to see them.
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Oh they are all so sweet, great pics!!! We love pics here at TCS! Welcome to the site!
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Hi! Sierra, Serenity & I welcome you, Buddah, Shiva, And Lucipher to TCS! We're so glad you've joined us and look forward to getting to know you better! Your family it gorgeous! What great captions, too. Please let me know if I may ever assist you in any way.
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thank you all SO much for the welcome . its a bit wierd being on a cat forum for the first time but, i can see im not alone in my OCD for my cats. i have a digital camera and all me and my boyfriend do is take pictures of our cats. i love my children more than words, and im sure if they had thier own word they would thank you aswell for the welcome to the site. i dont think there is enough room on this forum for the amount of pictueres i have. my boyfriend seems to think that i need to 'expain' that these cats are my children. i guess the only i would have to 'explain' is that i dont have real human children of my own yet, and the cats are, as far as im concerned, just as good as(maybe im missing somthing). I am 19 and im livining in a basement sweet with my boyfriend who is 25, and my house is a living breathing cat santuary, i make thier living as comfertable as i can. I think the most expensive cat toy yet has to the the fish tank i just bought.

photo bucket has been an amazing help with all my pictures ^^;;

i build the most crazy contraptions.... this time out of all the boxes i got from the aquarium.. useing about half a roll of tape to put it all together... lol one gigantic box that the tank came in, is lined with a feather jacket.... outside of the box they would just randomly lay on it, so in it went. And i recieved a small carier/carboard house when i picked up my youngest kitten at the SPCA, i fugre if a kitten is there.. its despret for a home, that where we got all of our cats, and the carboard bit is lined with a really soft material... but for the life of me i cant remember what its called. but needless to say, i have the whole kit and caboodle (is that even how you say that? HAHA) they have thier own little water fountine, which my boyfriend thought was a bit too much, but they love it. Infact since we dont like leaving a lot of electrical apliances pluged in when we go to bed, i plug it back in, in the morning and they flock to it waiting for good fresh water :P.

id love to see photos of others cats as well, will someone please post some... maybe i will go snooping about the site
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Welcome your cats are beautiful
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thank you! as is your family, my boyfriend and i are really thinking about adding a dog to the family ahah my biggest concern is how my cats would react, since they are very aptly names shiva and lucipher.. well not so big on dogs...but buddah could not care LESS... this cat was SLEEPING at the vets...j..ust relaxing and basking in the sun.while there was lots of comotion and i think two big dogs and one little dog around.
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Gorgeous kitties. Welcome to TCS!
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I'm ooh-ing and awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww-ing and smiling great big! Thanks oodles for sharing so MANY adorable catpix and we wish we could reciprocate! but we can't, yet. We are 9! of all kinds, shapes, sizes, genders, colors, and ages -- we are all rescued, indoor-only, and spayed/neutered, of course! and our humble servant dotes on us and waits on us hand and foot....We especially LOVE the photo of the drapery-climbing expedition and we can't wait to try that ourselves Hey, looks like you have some really nice cat furniture. CAN WE COME OVER AND PLAY???

Oh, that little black one! Tugz at my heartstrings. Looks so much like my beloved King Sunny when he was a baby!
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OH! i kno! it took me a while before i could catch that photo of Shiva climbing the curtians.... she was so skiddish when we first got her that i had to use the zoom option on my camera to catch her in the act. ah yes.. buddah does tug at the ol' heart doesnt he... lol he really lives up to his name... lol so does lucipiher at times but she mostly just thinks shes the boss over buddah... i peeked in on the two of them today and i caught her givving him a bath for the first time... to think.. she was the cowward hidding at the other end of the house because mommy brought a baby home... i'll say though... shiva wasnt impressed either.. but it took luci more time to adjust to there being a little compitision for food, love and what not.. i was so worried at first... i was reading online (after) i had goten buddah on how to introduce a new kitten... i was so scared they would never like eachother because i had done everything sooo wrong! basicly i just brought buddah in and said.. to bad you have to get used to him :P it recomends that you keep the little one seperated for a little while, all the time feeding the cats outside on the room to get used to the smell and such... looks like everything worked out quite well though:P
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Hi there we're so happy to welcome you and your gorgeous kitties to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

Your photos are fantastic. A really great place to show off your photos is the Fur Pics forum in the Cat Lounge is a great place to do that You'll find loads of pictures of other kitties in there too Have fun looking at them.
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that is good info and it's how I almost always intro a new cat into the horde. "Almost" because one time I didn't -- because there wasn't time! I adopted a beautiful calico girl just after moving up here, and had to intro her up at the compound; so I set her carrier in the middle and let everyone sniff for awhile, and do their growly-hissy thing; then they seemed to calm down, and I opened the door and let her out. It wasn't exactly love at first sight for anyone, but long story short, she's now a part of our family! Her calico attitude is always there, though (if you don't know what a calico attitude is, you just haven't had the pleasure of sharing life with a calico cat! I've heard they basically all have it. Why, I dunno!)
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!

see you on the forums!
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Hello and welcome to TCS!!!

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