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Pregnancy is in the air!!!!

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A funny thought just crossed my mind.

It seems that everywhere I turn, I know someone who is pregnant. ( I, of course have "been there, done that" so it is definately not a sign aimed at me).

Just here at work, we have 5 women who have found out they are pregnant. 2 of them have the same due date (which was yesterday.....) One of them stopped in to see me yesterday and she was in labor. I almost freaked out! She was 3 cm dilated and was waiting for her water to break?!?! She came to give me a cheque to cover her medical benefits for the year that she will be off of work. I hurriedly told her what to write and had her leave the office promptly. Can you imagine? I have no idea what I'd have done had she sat down in my office and said "Oh my God!"

I just love the sight of a pregnant women (especially since it is not me! LOL). I just never realised that I was surrounded by so many and all at the same time.
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I know what you mean. I work in an office of about 30 people. One had her baby in December. Another had her baby in May and will be back from her leave next month. Two are pregnant (they are 7 weeks apart) and another is trying after a miscarriage at the beginning of the year.

I, however, do not have plans for children anytime in the next couple of years.
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At the department I used to work in, there was always someone who was expecting at any given time. My friend Karen and I used to joke that as long as someone ELSE was pregnant, you were safe. Well, she's keeping everyone else safe, because she's expecting and due in the fall.
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At hubby's work, the one area is called the maternity ward because that's where they send you if you are pregnant & can't work in the fab where there's acids & such. I remember last year and the year before that, there were quite a few of them.
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The girl that was in my office yesterday had her baby today at 1pm. They ended up having to do a C-section (which means I was pretty safe and had nothing to worry about yesterday). She had an 8 pound baby boy and called him Evan.

Glad to see others have noticed the same thing as me.

susieq: There is a rumor at our office that there must be something in the water also!!!:laughing2 :laughing2

Wonder if that's why everyone is bringing bottled water to work all of a sudden....
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There are two of us where I work that are pregnant now...me and a very good friend of mine! She is due the first part of December. She and I are going baby shopping on Friday, if I don't go into labor before then!!! I have pretty much everything I need at this point, but I am basically going to help her pick out stuff, and to have something to do besides sit at home!
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My aunt gave birth to a baby girl on July 20, and today (my b-day), my cousin gave birth to a baby boy!
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My office is mostly women in there 20's and 30's so there are constant pregnancies. I keep asking what water fountain they are drinking out of so that I can get pregnant, but no luck yet. Withing the past 12 months 8 women have gone off on leave and there are still 2 pregnant!
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I know that a lot of home pregnancy tests are coming across my cash register. Of course, they're mostly in the hands of teenagers.

This pregnancy thing is getting out of hand. Adopt furbabies, instead! They're cheaper to feed, don't give you near the grief and you don't have to buy shoes for them!
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:laughing: And you don't have to wait forever to have them!!! :LOL:
Much less painful too! :LOL:
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