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Bed Mice

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Gizmo has been a little kinder and is no longer waking me up at three a.m. She now wants to play at four. Since I don't want to get out of bed at this hour I start moving a hand under the covers and Gizmo happily leaps across the bed and rabbit-kicks it through the blankets. I call this 'bed mice'.
Gizmo is a very smart cat, since my hand got out of the blanket today; she seized it in her mouth but did not bite hard enough to hurt me. She is aware that this is a hand, not a mouse.
I'd not recommend this for other cats, but I was impressed with Gizmo's intelligence so thought it might be of interest here.
And yes, I enjoy playing 'bed mice' with her as long as the silly thing doesn't accidentally roll off the bed (she did this twice already.)
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It proves it's not easy to trick them. Did you notice that when you dangle something infront of them, they actually trace the source of the movement? I've seen their eyes follow the route from whatever is at the end of the string to my hand.
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I want to attach a fur mouse to a stick to make a rod puppet that can be maneuvered underneath the blankets. I don't believe that such a toy exists yet, so I'll have to make one.
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I had to laugh at your post that Gizmo no longer wants to play at 3 AM but at 4 LOL ..... well at least she's giving you an extra hour.

My cats do that too when I play with Da Bird, they trace the movement back to the pole an then to me. Cats are so smart.

When I play with my hand under the covers, Ducky busts me everytime by going under the cover and finding my hand ....
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Yes, Gizzy is a real taskmaster. I got my nose nipped this morning when I did not get up quickly enough for her--at five. She's learning fast!

Never assume, when a cat is leaning in really close to your face, that it has loving intentions. With Gizmo, it's the prelude to a nose bite.

Thankfully her breath is very sweet!
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Silly cat fell out of bed this morning playing bed mice. She doesn't understand that if she gets her back end over the side of the bed, the duvet doesn't give enough purchase...and the OTHER half will fall off after it!
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Gizmo is funny! Villy's favourite game at the moment is bedmice! Occasionally she tries not to let me get in the bed, and pretends my feet are bedmice as I try to slide into bed!
I have a thin duvet on at the moment, and the occasional tooth or claw pokes through - ouch! So sometimes the remote control is substituted for a hand!

I have also noticed that she traces the source of a movement - she has a feather on a fluffy string/line on a rod - sometimes she prefers to chase the rod!
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We have pillow mice on our bed
There is a body pillow that lies in the middle of the bed.
Our will do the straight in the air leap and pounce, and then try to dig their way to China through the pillow.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
I had to laugh at your post that Gizmo no longer wants to play at 3 AM but at 4 LOL ..... well at least she's giving you an extra hour.
HAH! Sounds like Gizmo is REALLY smart, she is preparing for when we go off daylight savings time!
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You have bed mice I have bed Moles.
Duke and Sibohan love to squirm under the covers and act like bumps
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Gizmo will do the bump thing when it gets really cold. I have learned that if she doesn't run to meet me at the door,she is generally under the covers. I have to be careful to watch for suspicious lumps in the blankets!
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