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True angels

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Last Thursday, Metro Manila was hit by a the worst typhoon in eleven years. I had no electricity for 48 hours, no phone/no internet for 24 hours and I heard a lot of other areas in the city had no water either. My garden was wrecked and my back is in bad shape from the cleaning up.
Anyway, my kitties and the doggie, were there during the dark hours. They entertained me when there was nothing to do, calmed me as the winds and rain lashed out incessantly, alerted me to strange noises, and were less demanding for attention. They actually sensed I was quite stressed. Aren't animals just the greatest gift to people?
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yep, they're truly wonderful glad you made it through the typhoon in one piece <3
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Thank you very much!
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So pleased you all made it though okay!

Animals really do know how to keep us calm in the toughest of situations! They really are true angels!
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That must have been scary. So glad you're all okay, and you were cared for by all those little angels.
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Glad to hear you made it through okay! I'm sure they were dependant on Mommy for comfort as well.
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Glad you were okay, and yes they are angels
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Thank God you are okay, and you had your animals for comfort!!!
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What a scary thing to experience. Animals are so beautiful. They can help us through many things in life. Im so glad all of you are safe and sound.
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Did you know it was coming ? Did they sense it coming ?

Just as well all your fur pals were indoors. Must have been real scary, glad you are all ok.
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Oh my, that must have been quite scary..They really are little angels for being there for you..I think my cat would hide under the
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glad to hear that you had some entertainment durring the storm, cats are truly a WOMANS best friend .

BTW (by the way) gemlady, where did you come up with the name aristotle? my bf and i are verry curious...
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Yayi, I am so happy that you have come through the ordeal safely I will have to pay more attention to the weather reports in your area of the world - now when I hear "typhoon" I will pay attention.
Your precious pets - they indeed knew that their meowmmy was distressed. I am so glad that you had them there for comfort during those dark hours. When I go outside at night, I prefer to have my at least one of the cats with me, to monitor their responses, since they can see in the dark, and have such excellent hearing.
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Im glad you made it ok through the typhoon!

Too bad about your garden! it was beautiful!
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I am glad you and yours made it through the storm ok. Too bad about your garden, though.
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Originally Posted by krazy kat2 View Post
I am glad you and yours made it through the storm ok. Too bad about your garden, though.
I'm glad you are safe, now.
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