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holistic medicine?

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I'm desperate.

The vets here are not able to help my poor sick kitty. (She is having liver problems after a period of not eating. While the initial cause of her anorexia is unknown, the current fear is the health of her liver.) Her blood work, after their treatment, is worse.

I am syringe feeding her and it has GREATLY decreased the jaundice. I would like to discontinue my vet treatments of Geptral and fluids and to treat her myself with an antibiotic and dandelion and milk thistle. This seems to be the most effective way to combat her liver problem. BUT I have no idea about dosages. I've also read a lot about drugs to stimulate appetite, but don't know dosages there either.

Anyone able to help?

I'm also wondering if she should continue on the saline/glucose drips to keep her hydrated. I'm wondering if they are counter-productive and keeping her from eating/drinking on her own.

Many thanks for your continued support. It's invaluable!
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I would seriously look into bringing your cat to a holistic veterinarian if at all possible. They would be the best resource on this sort of thing. I know a little, but not *nearly* enough to give you any medical advice, and honestly, and medical advice like this given online is very irresponsible.
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Hi, I am sorry I was not able to get a referral for a vet in your city, I tried.

While I can not answer if you should discontinue giving fluids to your cat, I can tell you that a dehydrated cat loses its appetite. Lack of appetite and dehydration are two issues common in kitties with chronic renal failure, of which I've had 3 (2 currently, 1 passed now). Giving fluids is not uncommon in such kitties, to combat the dehydration.

Sounds like you are doing wonderfully well with the assist-feeding, I hope you can make progress with the rest.
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Chronic liver failure is one of those things you just can't "fix". A cat can be treated, but if the cat doesn't respond well to treatment...

I had a cat years ago whose liver failed and I treated her very aggressivly for a great length of time. When it was all said and done, I felt as though I had tortured her to death even though I had meant well. If I had known them what I know now, I would have considered euthanasia much sooner so that she didn't suffer so much.
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Thanks, Pat and Alix for trying. And, thanks for the information on dehydration. I didn't know that dehydration was connected with loss of appetite. That's the last thing we need right now!

Landwish, she is not in liver failure. She has either FIP or hepadic lipidosis (depending on which vet you ask). There's still a spark in her eye, so I think there's still hope. I am sorry for your loss.

Vanillasugar, there are no holistic vets in the city...I've checked. Vet care here is VERY different.
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I don't know much about holistic medicine, but I do know that B vitamins are often given to stimulate the appetite. If you have access to something like Nutri-Cal you could give her a little of that every day. Or you could use B-complex vitamins that are made for humans and give her about 1/4 mashed up in her food every day. I'm not postive on that dosage, but that's what I've been told for rabbits which are often smaller than cats.

Also, is there any possibility you could find a holistic vet for your regular vet to consult with over the phone? This is a good option if you can't find a holistic vet within driving distance.
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Thanks for the vitamin B info. I didn't know they could be an appetite stimulant. Currently I'm living in Russia. Vet care here is REALLY different...and there isn't a holistic vet in the city. Unfortunately, there isn't even a vet who is fluent in English, so a consultation isn't possible. It's just me...
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Have you checked for info by the makers of Homeopathic meds??? They may have some info for you and I would think are realetively safe .... Good luck
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