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Pictures of my sweet kitties

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Hi everyone well no suprise I can't sleep because as you might have read in my other thread my poor little Hobo didn't make it. I have been on the net just surfing and tearing up SO I thought I would do something to perk me up enough to attempt to sleep I dunno.

Anyway lol I heard you like pictures so here are a few of my favorites of my kitties. Tassie is about 2 now, she is the grey tabby I got her from a rescue a little over a year ago and she is a sweet girl. Bailey is the orange monster he is about 5 months now I got him out of a cardboard box when I was going through a neighborhood and I saw someone with a KITTENS FOR FREE sign. I wish I would have taken more of poor Hobo but he was so sick I didn't want to overly stress him out so you have seen all I will ever have of him . The other orange is his littermate who later went to live with my mother. Anyway enjoy!

This is Riley and Bailey when they were teeny and already best friends.

Yes its his cat or his dog? hmmm

And as you can see Bailey's secret to controlling the dog ROFL

Tassie playing mommy to Bailey and his littermate
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Tassie as Queen of the Cat Tree

Even though they are both big now the lovefest continues

Loves to kiss my hubby's noise, still have no clue why lol

The huntress, She loves to sit there and watch birds outside

Ok I guess I am done for now, still no sleep in sight but at least I feel a tad better looking through memories of my other 2 rescues that are still here and thriving /ruling the house. Except for the other orange tabby who now rules my mom single pawed lol.
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Oh those pics are precious, Love the one with the dog too!!!!
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You have such a beautiful furfamily. They all look so loving and peaceful. I love the dog and kitty pics and the kitties snuggling pics, too

I am very sorry to hear you lost Hobo May Hobo Rest in Peace. My condolences to you and your family.
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Great photos - I love the one with the Puppies for Dummies book in it! So cute

It's always nice when kitties and dogs get on well together! Sorry to hear about Hobo! I haven't lost a kitten yet, but was close to losing the current was and that was bad enough. I hope the pain heals soon.
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Beautiful babies.........all of them!!
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They are soooooo cute!!!!

I'll move this to pet pics in the cats and other animals forum for you
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Wow, how do you get anything done with so many cuties around the house?
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Those pictures are prescious!!!!
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