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When you have a minute or two

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Shredder could use a small prayer. I spent a tumultous night with him. He was in a constant state of growl, an incredible amount of pain. No bite wounds were found, no visible injury of any kind. He was limping last night, and when I picked him up he turned into a hell cat and so I took him upstairs and put him in isolation. Throughout the long night, I have narrowed it down to what I think is a blockage. He is on the way to the vet's office now, Mike is taking him. I am still waiting for my potential client to call and come by.
It was a nasty night, Shred would go from loving and passive to aggressive and hostile in a matter of minutes. There was a few times when he was snarling at me that I felt really afraid for my safety and I wasn't even touching him at the time! I would lay beside his carrier, the door was open and he was tucked back in the darkest corner away from me and all he would do is snarl and growl. I don't know how long he has been blocked, or even if that is the problem, but that is my best educated guess based on my time with him last night and this morning. So please say a quick prayer that he will be okay and the vet will figure out what is going on. Thank you very much for doing this for Shred.
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I hope Shredder will be ok. I'll cross my fingers & the cats will cross their paws!
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Poor Shredder! I will send my get well thoughts to him right away.
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Prayers going up for Shredder...please let us know what the vet says. Our thoughts are with you! *HUGS*
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Shredder has all my positive energy coming to him. I hope he is OK.
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OMG - poor baby !!! Of course, all the most positive thoughts coming his way.
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I am sending positive get healthy vibes his way! My babies send their love.
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Hissy. Prayers for your baby as I type . . .
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Paws crossed for Shredder, and waves of positive thoughts for his health and well-being - and for yours!

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Sending kitty prayers Shredder's way (and yours).
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Sending positive thoughts and prayers for Shredder.

Sounds a little bit like what Whiskers went through a while back. She snarled and growled at me also but.....she is back to her normal self now. (probably thanks to all the prayers and advice you sent me!) Hopefully all will be ok.

Also...hope your potential client shows up and Best of luck when he does!
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The vet could not find anything "visibly" wrong with Shredder other than a very tender spot on his abdomen and one on his back. So the diagnosis is either a bite, or he got hit with something. He is on antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and pain pills. He is to be confined until he is back to his normal self, there is no blockage, they took 3 x-rays and everything looks "fine." Last night, my head was going nine hundred miles an hour trying to figure out what could be wrong with him. I am glad a professional has seen him now and ruled out the *bad stuff* that was filling my head.
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I'm so glad to hear it wasn't the worst. I have been thinking about poor Shredder since you posted this. I hope he is back to his old self very, very soon.
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i had to laugh though Heidi

I was talking to Mike about the vet visit. I had sent in a list of symptoms I had observed over night and Mike said he walked in, handed the doc the list. Mike said the doc looked puzzled then said "Oh I see, I get a list because boss lady isn't here!" LOL

Then Mike told Dr. Reynolds that I had given a kitty enema to Shredder this morning with no return, and Doc Mike said that out of all his clients, he could not get upset with me about what I do with cats, because I know more than most layman. That made me feel better because while they were away at the vets, I worried that perhaps my judgement call of the enema was not the right call and I might have further harmed Shred without meaning to. Mike said Doc Mike said that he had to do all the necessary tests on Shredder, or I would shred him for not doing his job! I guess my reputation has preceeded me.......
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You only want what's best for your babies, and they deserve it. Glad to hear Shredder is on the road to recovery. I'll keep sending positive thoughts your way.
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been in and out of meetings all morning so I'm just now seeing this. glad shredders ok!
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Well, we all already knew that you know more than the average cat owner. That's why anyone who's been here a while takes your advice like a kitty-cat bible. It's good that your vet understands you, too, even if he does see you as "the boss lady." LOL Sounds like he knows you pretty well! :laughing2
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I'm glad to hear there is nothing seriously wrong with Shredder! How is he right now?
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YEAH - what a relief. Hope he feels better soon!!
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he said it was extremely unusual how Shred was "presenting" showing an extreme amount of pain on one spot in particular on his lumbar. The oddest thing is I finally did get Shred to eat about 5 bites of baby food and while he was eating he was in what I now call his "constant state of growl" his stomach was making hitching noises and I could hear him breathing heavily through his nose? Anyone have any ideas? Can I pick anyone's brain here, the vet didn't have a clue, said he looked way into the back of his throat, checked for bad teeth- but all my cats have good teeth so he has no idea why this one symptom is occuring???????
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Could it just be that his side hurts him really bad & that is why he is breathing heavily? Or, maybe it hurts him to sit that way?
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I just now saw this thread. Is it possible that eating a few bites of food was causing poor Shredder even more discomfort? I am sending good thoughts his way. Hissy, I also just now noticed you have typed "Twilight Zone" in as your location, you have gone through soooo much since I joined TCS almost a year ago. I hope everything gets better really soon.
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It has to get better Lorie, and really it is starting to!
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This sounds like what one of my cats had years ago: and abcess on her spine. She denned up and was tender at one spot, on her back. A shot of antibiotics and cortisone cleared it up, with in 24 hours.

The abcess was between the skin and vertebra and not visible, externally.

Good luck, with Shredder.
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I hope Shredder is back to his old tricks by the time you read this in the morning. Here's a prayer for him, even though the vet said he seems to be relatively ok.
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I just saw this now and am sending a get well wish your way for poor Shredder! I pray he makes a full recovery VERY soon!
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Poor Shredder and poor you! It must be so stressful, not knowing what is wrong... it's the one time I wish cats could talk! Healing thoughts to you both!
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