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I have high blood pressure

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...and I'm 33.

Anyhoo, I went to the docs yesterday and the nurse had to check both arms with the sphygmomanometer to confirm the results. Yup, I have high blood pressure. She attributes it to my anti-ADD medication. I probably know what it is; smoking, pizza, Chinese take-out and a lot of Coke (note the capitalization). All of those foods have a LOT of sodium.

I'll be quitting smoking soon. I planned on that already.

Hopefully when Cel joins a gym, I can come too. I've lost three pants sizes since we've met.

I'll eliminate high-sodium sodas and foods. Probably not altogether, though. A treat every so often is nice.
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I'm so sorry! But at least you know what's causing it, and are planning on taking corrective action. Good for you!
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this is something you can take controll of. I bet in 6 months if you keep up with not smoking and cutting down your sodium and fatty food intake you'll have lowerd it a great amount. Throw some walking in there well-lah!

It runs in my family..so does typeI and typeII diabetes...yuck!
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I got high blood pressure and have had some heart problems for 5 years or so but have started being a little more active, and have lost 57 lbs and I'm off 3 of my 4 heart/BP medicines and will hopefully be going off the 4th in the next few months. So it's possible. I think you're on the right track if you stick with your plan. I was also diagnosed with Type II diabetes at the same time and my last 3 HgA1C's have been low/normal. I guess the whole idea scared it out of me!
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I'm sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but as others have mentioned, you seem to have a good grasp on what to change, and with losing weight as well, you'll get this under control.

While I've not gotten myself off bp medication, which I've been on for over 20 years (strongly family history on one side), I have fended off Type II diabetes with change of diet, increased exercise and weight loss...so you can only win by making the changes you mentioned
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I'm very glad you found out about it early and that you are commited to treating it. Too many people underestimate how serious high blood pressure is and I have watched entirely too many people die from massive brain bleeds because of it- and I'm talking people as young as 40, and even one person in their 30's. It must be pretty shocking to find that out in your 30s! It's amazing how little time it takes to go from being healthy to not as healthy, and I'm talking about me here too. When I found out what my BMI was I wanted to faint!
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