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parent's dog

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They just emailed me to tell me they had to put her to sleep yesterday because she kept falling. I feel bad because they are crying....... But, at the same time, I am glad for Cricket because she is now at the Bridge running around happy as can be, with all of the other furry friends!! They cremated her.
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Oh Tigger. A difficult decision for them, but the right one. Poor Cricket was very unwell.

Have you told them the story of Rainbow Bridge?

It might make things a little better for them.
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I know they've heard of it ...... I remeber telling them that she will be there chasing the birds when they were thinking about it. I called them, but I got off the phone a few seconds after I called because they seemed to not want to talk, which is understandable. Maybe I'll email them it. I think that Cricket is probably chasing the birds & playing with the other dogs. Who knows.... maybe she has a cat friend? Although, she always chased them or if they teased her about a cat being in the yard, she got crazy.
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I'm sorry to hear about Cricket, but yet if she was old and suffering, it was for the best. Like you said, she is better off now than the way she was.
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It is a difficult decision, but you are right. Cricket is in a better place now. The only times I have ever seen/heard my father cry was when his mother passed away, when my mother passed away, and when he had to put Felicia, his dog, down. They really hold a special place in our hearts.

I would email them a copy of the Rainbow Bridge poem. Even if they heard of it before, it may help to read it again.
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