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Alpha male cats

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My two boys (shadow and fantom) were always together. I got them when they were 6months old (now 2 1/2) and they have never been seperated. They do everything together. play/sleep/eat....

I dont think either is the alpha male. THey both eat at the same time, one doesnt go before the other vice versa...

is it possible that I am the alpha male and neither of them???

I just got a kitten and fantom really doenst care. They havent really met (only once) and fantom was just foloowing her to see what she was doing. Shadow on the other hand almost seemed scared and was hissing a little.

After i placed princess in the spare bedroom , shadow was hissing at his brother (only for 1 sec) but fantom didnt care, didnt pay him attention, kept on doign whatever he was doing. Almost like shadow was scared of him 2.

Is there always an alpha male or can it be in my case that they both dont care about that. Just happy they are together?

here is shadow

and this is fantom

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There is always an alpha (in most multicat homes I've seen, it's always a female).
In the case of these boys, I'd say you have two submissives, which makes you their alpha.
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so a female can be an alpha too ? tought only males can be alpha.
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Dominance among neutered cats is very fluid. They aren't pack animals and don't have an alpha male in the way that dogs do. While some individuals have a dominant personality and will appear to be dominant in most situations, it's very common for one cat to dominate in one instance and then to be submissive to another cat in a different situation. Especially where resources are unlimited, which is the case in most of our homes. Sometimes there is no obvious dominant cat and that's perfectly normal. I couldn't have told you who was dominant between Jaffa and Magpie (Magpie was Jaffa's brother and died last year). With Jaffa and Mosi, Jaffa is the biggest and when it comes to (play) fighting he will win every time and Mosi will act submissively. However, there are times when Mosi seems more dominant - he certainly doesn't respect Jaffa as 'alpha male'.
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There's always an Alpha. Annie is the bottom here. Poor girl. Lily is alpha. The other cats respect her and know if they mess around with her they will get it good. Kitten is above Bagheera.
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Originally Posted by xerr View Post
so a female can be an alpha too ? tought only males can be alpha.
Nope whatever animal has the more dominante personality is usually Alpha. Not always but usually. Most Alphas Ive had have been females. Of my old ferrets the females always ruled.
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