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Anyone had this problem with cats gums?

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Stinker got his last vaccination the other day and it was a different vet than had seen him previously so he gave him a good look over.

Everything is fantastic, except his gums. It seems his gums are a little red and swollen toward the back of his mouth and I asked if he was going to need a cleaning soon. He suggested that I brush the teeth and massage his gums regularly, but that his teeth look beautiful. He told me that some cats are just prone to such problems more than others and that he wouldn't need to worry about a cleaning for at least a year or maybe more.

I had bought some Logic Gel to use for the cats hoping I could avoid having to deal with brushing and now Stinker is has come up with a reason for me to have to do it anyway.

I have some dental cleaning pads on hand so I used one of those last night to clean and massage. I'm sure I will get a little less clumsy with repetition.

I think those cats just have a conspiracy to make sure I have to observe all the little details of their personal care with no breaks.
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The redness and swelling you see is more than likely caused by gingivitis - this is a horrible infection in that not only is it painful for the cat, but the bacteria also may enter the bloodstream and cause a secondary, systemic infection. In cats, we see a lot of these gum infections resulting in either heart or kidney problems down the road. I strongly urge you to get a second opinion on having the cleaning done now and then you must remember to tend to it digilently in the future. Once a cat has gingivitis, they become more prone to having it if you don't watch it carefully and treat it immediately.
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Thanks Gaye,

I'll definitely check the other vet he has seen and see what she says.
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I had one vet claim that Ginger had gingivitis and tried to get me to bring her in for a cleaning that would have cost me $340. Ginger was only 6 months old at the time. I said, uh-uh, no way. She's too young for that.

I bought Logic Gel online after seeing it recommended by some UK folks, and started using it. More than 6 months later, trip to a new vet, they remarked about how healthy her gums look.

I'd definitely go for a second opinion, and definitely use the Logic - it's great stuff, and tastes good to kitty!!! I just put some on the gums under the lipline, no brushing needed, works fabulously!!

$12 Logic Gel tube vs $340 for a cleaning...HELLO!!!
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