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I have searched a bit on this forum and the net. But for some reason I can not find the complete answer.

I wanted to know if there is a definitive answer as to the complete history of what we now call "House Cat". I know that people believe that they originated from an African wild cat, but which species. I know that all dogs have originated from wolves. Could it be the Serval? And when they were introduced into Europe, they adapted to the climate and and other natural surroundings by changing coat color,size......ect

I know that in Bengals, it was a cross between a "house cat" and an asiatic leopard.

And sorry if this is in the wrong place, I just couldn't find the correct forum to put this in, so I thought maybe you breeders would have a better knowledge of this .
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There is a small wild cat about the size of the domestic cats that is called "Africian wild cat". Its thought to be the ancestors of almost all the cats. Its color looks more like the abys tho with the ticking and some tabby markings.

Now how some of the others came about I have no idea. I cannot picture the Africian being the ancestor of the Siamese cats!
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Here is a link I found to be very helpful for me


I really liked this website and ended up spending tons of time reading through it.
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Thanks for the help guys.

I found this also


My cat Ozzy resembles this cat to the "T"

Starting with the thinner face moving down the body and getting unproportionatly wider.

Oh, and if the Chihauaha is a decendent of the wolf, why couldn't a siamese be one from the African Wild Cat? It was probably just bred with another of the 4 species or even subspecies.

But thanks again for the great find.
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Funny but I thought about the dog thing after I posted about the wild cat/Siamese....lol
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