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Maine coon kittens

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Can anyone direct me to pictures of maine coon kittens. I jsut read the artical from the home page. I thought that the coloring on my Rhapsody's babies was unusual but now after seening this picture I belive that one of the daddies was a maine coon. there are several in the neighborhood.
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You could simply run an image search for "maine coon" on Google, there will be many images found. However, what is it about the colour of your kittens that makes you think the father was one? Maine coons are available in almost every colour you can think of, besides pointed and one or two others. It would be more likely that if your kitten was part Maine Coon, you'd be able to tell by type not colour.
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I did google Maine Coons prior to your reply. If you look at the striping on the kitty in the article of Maine Coons from home page their coloring is exactly like him.

But I am thinkng now that this is not so because these maine coons on google are all different colorings. Im assuming at 5 weeks old this Monday that they would be fluffier if they were part maine coon.

Their striping is more marble then tiger. That's all.
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Sounds like your kitten is a marbled tabby. Were you referring to the picture of the tabby and white Maine Coon in the article? It's a colour that's very common in mixed breed domestic cats. There's a link to an article here, http://messybeast.com/spotted-cats.html which I think has been posted in this forum before, which tells you all about different types of tabby markings. Really interesting, you may like to read it! How about posting a picture of your kitten too, I'd love to see!

Incidently we have a Maine Coon kitten, he's 6 months old, you can have a look at some pictures of him here http://s59.photobucket.com/albums/g3...photos/Beacan/
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I have a cat that is at least part maine coon. When I got him at 8 weeks, he had just a TINY bit of extra fluff around his ears and face. And he stayed pretty sleek up until about 1 year old.

He's 4 now, and is a gigantic furball. It seems he gets fluffier every day!
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I would love to post pictures because I am so proud of them. But I'm a non-technical person. No digital camera and other then work no acesss to a computer.
I'll try and see if a neighbor can do so for me.
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