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Radio question of the day: 09/29/06

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Will you put any decorations, inside or out, for Halloween?
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Oh yes! Tons of stuff. I'll post pics
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I hope I get to! I love halloween!! But i have plenty of real life spiderwebs out there now. do those count?
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LOTS! We love Halloween!
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We rent, so we can't do too much outdoors except maybe the back porch that everyone walks by (not sure what we'll put on it yet though), but we'll definitely have the inside of the apt. decorated to the hilt! First married Halloween, so we're gonna do it up right!
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I don't have any Halloween decorations yet, but yes I am planning on getting some and putting them up!
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I already have 3 pumpkins out front, 1 daddy 1 mommy & 1 baby pumpkin, also right inside my front door there are 6 steps that go up into my living room, I have mini pumpkins on each side of each step. And a scary skeleton on the wall, and my fall pumpkin wreath up too! I put bats & spiders in the windows, but haven't dug those out yet. And we make jackolanterns every year!!!
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What? Don't you like our spider webs - spun by real spiders?
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I don't think we'll decorate for any holidays for at least a year or two. We've only lived in our house for about 3 months so between unpacking/organizing and not owning any decorations, we won't decorate. Ha ha! We... I mean "I" won't decorate... like Chad would!

I just vacuumed all the scary spiderwebs & cobwebs out of our basement too! Maybe I should've waited until after Halloween so at least we had something scary!
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I've already begun decorating
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Yep. I've got bunches of fun ones...a lit-up body coming out of a grave, screaming rocks, a witch, a floating ghost. I can't wait.
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It depends. If I'll be home for Halloween, I'll put a decoration on my door to let kids know that I have candy. Other than that, no. I live in an apartment and there's really nowhere for me to decorate except my door
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You bet!

I really started decorating outside big time when my daughter moved away from home! She says it's empty nest syndrome!

I decorate for Thanksgiving too!

That's next weekend in Canada!
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Yup - I decorated last week actually.

I haven't put anything up outside yet on our deck (we rent), I'm kinda afraid to put out pumpkins - darn those pumpkin smashers! But we're in a really nice place of town, with no younger punks running around - so they should be okay. I'm going to put some stuff out next weekend after I go to Gordmans and get some good deals on decorations
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Nope. Don't celebrate it. I do decorate my office space with 'harvest' stuff though.
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I've got some window clings up now and will be going this weekend for some lights and some stuff for the yard. Im excited! we dont get tricker treaters cause we have a neighboorhood with only a few children and we live on the corner of a very busy street up passer byes will enjoy it!
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We usually get about 200 and then I turn the lights off!
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