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Checked with my vet but wanted to ask here...

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I'm rather new here, but one things for sure, I know this place has smart people with great advice.

I recently had a lot of bad things happen here. In prep for our new kitten, our other 2 cats were updated on their recently expired shots. Pheobe ended up having a horrid allergic reaction (swollen face, membranes, twitchy skin, very runny poop) and after a visit to the ER, and being dosed with steroids and a extra stregth bendryl shot she was fine. This cat has also eaten an entire balloon string (when she was 4, now 5) and had major surgery to find it was not in there but the string had forced a hairball into her intestines to cause blockage... so I worry over her alot.

Before being introduced, the new kitten (who had been born, raised and then QT'd at my moms for 2 weeks) got tested for F-Aids and luekemia (all clean). Shes now 9+ weeks and has been vacinated with her first distemper and dewormed completely. She of course, is a kitten and is rough. She bites, but were working on that.

The last 2 days Pheobe our older cat (5) has been sneezing and has a drippy eye (clear like tears... but I'm almost positive this is a kitten related injury and not from illness). Nothing major (the sneezing), but it seems to be happening when she gets up from napping mostly. Its not constant, not frequent (I've heard about 5 sneezes and one weird hissy-spiting episode at the kitten that made her sneeze and hide, usually they just fight it out and the kitten slinks away). There is only clear discharge, a very wet nose. No green or yellow or yucky. Eating, drinking and pooping well. The vet said its likely not from the vacines as its been to long, and to keep an eye on her. If anything changes, to call and they'd see her, but the best I could do is watch her. No one else is sneezing, Snoopy is 15 with Kidney Disease and Lola is nearly 10 wks which I'd suspect those two to get ill first being young and old.

Basically I want to know if you all think this is the best action plan. Also any tips on making friends between Lola and Pheobe would also be appreicate. Snoopy gets along fine with the kitten, but Pheobe dislikes her very much.
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They need to go to the vets ... It could be many things , but I suspect URI or upper respitory infection....

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I agree that it sounds like a URI. It's possible she picked it up from another cat at her last vet visit--they spread very easily. You may want to ask the vet about giving her L-Lysine. If it's a herpes virus, Lysine can help stop viral replication.
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Ditto on the trip to the vet for all kitties. It could also be a stress induced URI. My older cat got one when we introduced the new cat to the house. Better safe than sorry is my motto!!

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